Take Google Earth and combine it with the human body, and you get ... Google Body. It's almost exactly what it sounds like -- a three-dimensional, layered look at the human body. It's pretty much a big pile of awesome on a dual-core Honeycomb tablet. And as you'll hear in the video, schools are going to be screaming for this thing.

You can dive through layers just like you might on Google Earth -- skin, bones, muscles, organs, whales, snails and puppy dog tails. What's the name of that muscle you pulled trying to show off how strong you are? Look it up. Start typing and you'll get a predictive search of whatever unspellable body part you're thinking of.


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Google Body peels back the layers to get under your skin


What video? It's just a black square.But when I click on Chrome IE tab, there is the video.Is your website videos not compatible to Chrome?

I'm gonna tell my doctor friends so they can use this when explaining a procedure to patients. This is also a great way for patients to explain to doctors where it hurts. Cool