Google Body

Good news, bad news and a good news again: Google Body briefly made an appearance in the Android Market on the Motorola Xoom today. Bad news is that it's been pulled (though the market listing still lives here). Good news is that while you wait for it to show again, you can check out our hands-on video after the break. We'll be back when the app is. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Google Body


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Google Body briefly appears in Android Market, now pulled


Don't we have enough Know-It-All people already ?
Don't get me wrong , it looks like its a great app , but every app have it downsides

Im in the medical field, and i think it would be great to help show patient what their body looks like. And for all those people who complain that people will "self diagnose" or learn too much are mistaken. Google body is nothing more than a 3d anatomy tool, so if anything people might learn medical terminology for different body parts (which is a great thing!)