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Last night's update to the Google Authenticator app caused headaches for a few CyanogenMod users by force-closing at startup on their devices. However, CM users will be pleased to hear that a fix has been swiftly rolled out by Google just hours after the incompatibility came to light. To grab the fix, simply head on over to the Android Market and hit that "update" button.

Kudos to Google for making a fix available so quickly, especially given the critical nature of the Authenticator app for its users, and the fact that the glitch only affected unofficial custom firmware.

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Google Authenticator / CyanogenMod incompatibility fixed


Gotta love the CM team! They're fast with the fixes. Now I'll go back to patiently waiting for CyanogenMod for the GNex...

In all fairness, the fix has got nothing to do with CM team. It is Google's app and it was them who fixed it.

I have a love for Apple probably rarely seen on this site, but even I can't imagine that they'd go through the trouble to make an app compatible with something outside their ecosystem. KUDOS Google!!!

When I read this, I actually laughed out loud and said, "are you f#$@ing kidding me?" This is AWESOME! If Iceman wasn't the only one who read it wrong, everyone needs to be very clear on the cool factor of this news.
- The update was done by Google, not the CM team.
- It was done almost immediately.
- It was done in the evening/night Google time.
- The problem ONLY effected users of CM7.1.

It's nice to see such huge respect from Google for Koushik and the entire CyanogenMod team.