Google+ update

We've gotten a sneak peek at some new features coming to Google+ as a whole, and the Android app just got itself a nice little update. Here's what's new:

  • Start a hangout from a Messenger conversation
  • New design of the photos album view
  • People suggestions when composing a Messenger conversation
  • New icons to show which photos have been uploaded to Google+ via Instand Upload
  • Ability to leave one-to-one Messenger Conversations
  • Bug fixes

Snag the update in the Market now, or at the links after the break.

Thanks, @Freeborock!


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Google plus all the way!!! Continue to lead the way google in 2012

eltrutgnik says:

any one getting force closes trying to open the messages?

BarneyDroid says:


BarneyDroid says:


rogerchew says:

finally some competition to fb!

wcdove24 says:

This is by far the best social app on any platform!!!

daft hero says:

"Google+ app update brings new photo views, allows you to start hangouts from phone"

but it doesn't bring in any new users or posts...


PHADE says:

It's because YOU need friends to do so!


Google+ app is better than Facebook's. Plain and simple. And it is getting better with these steady stream of updates. Google needs to market Google+ to the world to compete with Facebook. Until then, it's a social media curiosity. Come on Google, you can do it!

carraser891 says:

I'm as much of a Google fanboy as the rest of u but sry, Google+ will not touch Facebook. sry haters..

hanq2000 says:

Fascinate can not use hangout because no front camera. I hope I can use with rear camera...

GreyCelt says:

I have a FFC but the app tells me I need one to start a hangout?!? Probably because I'm rooted with CM7 on my Moto Triumph. Skype, Tango, and all the other apps that use the Front Facing Camera recognize and use it just fine though.

rfmike says:

Now is this app also built to use on tablets running honeycomb?

OmahaPlaya says:

My FFC works and I'm rooted using CM7 on my Thunderbolt.

How the heck do you start a hangout? I see nothing, anywhere in the app, that lets me start a hangout.

subzerohk says:

The new photo album view is crap on Honeycomb Tablet...

JasonBunting says:

Facebook is about old relationships, Google+ is about creating new relationships.

JasonBunting says:

Facebook is about old relationships, Google+ is about creating new relationships.

Donmeister85 says:

Anyone else think Phil's eyes look kind of creepy in that second pic?

embails says:

Any one have hangouts on an Epic 4g? Even though we got Gingerbread (like yesterday) there's still no support for G+ (or GTalk) video. This is so frustrating!

infg3570 says:

anyone get this to work on the Droid Charge (update 2.3.6)? For some reason, I can try to start a hangout... FFC activates. I can see myself but when I click hangout, it doesn't invite other party.