Google's first quarter 2014 results are in, and the company unsurprisingly made buckets of money. Revenue was up to $15.4 billion, a 19% increase from the same quarter a year prior. Earnings were also up, clocking in at $4.12 billion — 27% of revenues. That's an increase in the raw profit from last year, but also a drop in the share of revenue (it was 29% this time last year).

Google CEO Larry Page was unsurprisingly pleased with the quarter, saying:

"We completed another great quarter. Google's revenue was $15.4 billion, up 19% year on year. We got lots of product improvements done, especially on mobile. I'm also excited with progress on our emerging businesses."

Site revenues — i.e. advertising on and related services — clocked in at $10.47 billion, which is a bit over two-thirds of Google's total revenue. That's a rather significant increase of 21% over the first quarter of 2013. Google advertising on other sites netted $3.4 billion in revenue, up slightly from last year.

Google ended the quarter with $59.38 billion in cash, "cash equivalents, and marketable securities" on hand, up $660 million from the previous quarter. The company also had 49,829 employees (3,659 of them part of Motorola Mobility), an increase of over 2,000 from the start of the year. With the impending sale of Motorola to Lenovo, we'd expect that the headcount will see a drop of around 3,500 in the near future, though if Google's rate of hiring keeps up that'll be hardly noticeable.

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Google announces Q1 2014 earnings: revenue up 19% year over year


Absolutely fantastic for American entrepreneurs and innovators. Can now fund more like high speed Internet and non carrier devices among things we can't imagine.

What's so fantastic about it? They missed, the stock is down 7%, I know AC is just trying to not report the real deal but it's a big missed and things are not looking they will change. That's the reason google is throwing money at everything these days since they are trying to get ready for the eventual fall of search advertising. Search advertising will change a great deal in the next few years and it's all because of apps.

Why do Apple people like you waste your time on a pure Android site? I mean, at your favourite Steve Jobs fan site, your ramblings might be seen as "normal", but really, what makes you degrade yourself by sharing your stupidity with people on other sites? :)

I do it for you. You must be really hurt your overlord missed and the stock is down. It's ok, take a deep breath, it's not the end of the world. The sun will still shine in the morning and the world will still go on.

No, I think you need a reality check, make. I'm not hurt about your inane behaviour, oh Apple employee. I'm actually worried about you not being able to set your life's priorities right.

Actually, s/he is partially correct. The stock lost over $21Billion in value after announcing the 1st Q's results. S/He is incorrect in the fact that search is dying. It's merely shifting rapidly to mobile and Google hasn't monetized it as well as desktop yet. Google's foray into biotech and advanced tech is what will carry it a few years from now. Particularly if they get those insulin-detecting contact lenses perfected.

"They missed, the stock is down 7%"

Sounds like a typical earnings call from the tech giants these days. Just wait until the next day and it usually comes right back.

Information is big money. Advertising and information agencies may have done their homework, but will companies realise in years to come that they paid way too much. The returns were not there. They could have been conned, and were just afraid not to join in.

Via my Note 3 on AC.

Yeah, that's why VISA are bankrupt today... (sarcasm may exist)

It's nothing new to put a price on knowing the habits of a consumer. It's been a cornerstone of business for ages.

That crippled phone in the picture is a bad representation of Google. Use the Nexus 5 or 7 instead. ;-)

This is all good news and all, but, was that picture taken with the new Google Camera app?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Apple has almost 90,000 employess.

Samsung and Microsoft each have over 100,000. Google is actually rather small.

Google's #is small for a reason. They don't just let any Apple employees come on board.

Look what happened to Android, now the same following idiots from IOS are in Android forums trying to figure out why Android doesn't talk "baby talk" to them.

Use your phone, don't let your phone or Carrier use you.

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What innovation? The article specifically says more then 2/3 of their revenue came from advertising.

Just so I understand this your saying if money isn't generated by your products or research their can't be innovation? Lot's of innovations don't make money. They companies make money in other areas to pay for the employees that create the innovation.

No anti-Google trolls here. This is AC.

You'll see plenty of them on AppleInsider instead.

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Android Police has gone to the sewers, I don't even bother to visit the site anymore. The site is full of trolls now. The staff are even worse. The hate for anything not nexus there is on another level especially when it comes to Samsung. Their podcast is laughable, it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
Wiseman once said "Feeling invincible is the first step on the path to the point of no return."

Hate this nonsense that aluminum is premium

"Had we presented Motorola Mobile as an operating segment, the Motorola Mobile segment revenue for the first quarter of 2014 would have been $1.45 billion, $74 million higher than what was included in net loss from discontinued operations."

To me, this is just as interesting. Motorola's revenue for Q1 2013 was $1.02B. That is a YoY increase of 42%. That is insane.

As for an operating loss, I'm not quite sure how to go about comparing that. They are counting Motorola as a "Net loss due to discontinued operations" for this quarter, but if those are equivalent to the net losses from operations in Q1 2013, that is $198M versus $271M, or a 27% reduction YoY. If it continues at the same pace, Motorola would be in the black in three years. Lenovo, however, is confident they can do that in less than half the time, so we'll just have to see how all that goes.

Google by far is the most insane company ever they are amazing for what they do and how many people actually work for them.

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Poor Moto. At least it's getting some revenue increase.

But it's already over for them that Lenovo has taken over. I loved the Moto X but it will be the last great phone from the following the X2.

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I wouldn't count Lenovo off. They have a long experience of being able to keep brand values alive. Their old IBM stuff could still in this day and age get an IBM sticker glued on without too many people raising an eyebrow.

Nice way to hide the fact that google missed, the stock is currently down 7% because of it, nice try AC.

Actually it's up 3 percent right now.

Their cost-per-click did go down 9 percent.

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It's the way stocks work. down today, up tomorrow. The fact that its down 3% now really means nothing at all, they will probably close AH above what they opened at.

via moto x.

after hours selling way over done! Google will be fine. They do need to manage their earning better but they probably could care less. They could have cut a few weeks of expenses and hit the earrings per share.

If I was to point fingers with some sort of summary if a SWOT analysis I would conclude that Amazon is becoming quite a strong competitor(threat) in the ad arena. And Google's biggest weakness this year I think is its redesigned Maps; they should bring the old one and pull a Coca Cola Classic stunt.