Google this afternoon announced its Q2 2012 earnings, reporting 21 percent growth year over year for revenue, at $10.96 billion. GAAP net income was listed at $2.79 billion, up from $2.51 billion for the second quarter of 2011.

As of the second quarter, Google reports having $43.1 billion cash and equivalents, and gained about 5,600 employees for the quarter.

Motorola revenue also is listed in this earnings sheet, since Google completed its acquisition of the company. Revenue for "hardware and other" was listed at $1.25 billion, with $843 million coming from the mobile side, and $407 million from the home side.

We'll be kibitzing on the conference call shortly to keep an ear out for any Android-related news. 

Hit the break for our earnings call live chat!​

Source: Google

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stonefeet says:

better stockpile it, because they are going to spend the next many years fending off the patent troll known as apple.

Awake says:

Contrary to popular belief, Apple is running out of money.... for litigation.

yofat004 says:

This really puts the 15 billion dollar acquisition of Motorola into perspective.

randall2580 says:

I'm doing my part in assisting earnings growth! GNex and N7 bought in the last 15 days!

markespo55 says:


John-Smith says:

Wow $43 billion in cash. Jesus christ!

user311 says:

Go Google! 5600 jobs.