Image details finally will be available in the app

Be on the lookout, folks, for an update to Google+ in the near future. Google's Virgil Dobjanschi on G+ (natch) gives word that the updated v4.2.3 brings forth a few new improvements. To wit:

  • The Photos section now will work with Android Beam, so you can shoot pics to each other using NFC.
  • Also, Photos now works with Daydream (the screen-saver feature you can find in the Display settings), so when you're docked or charging the app can show off your pretty pictures.
  • Photos now shows image details. (Finally! Quit asking what camera we took that picture with!)
  • And, non-photo-wise, the Locations section will automatically refresh your friends' locations when you open it.

Good improvements, all. Look for the staggered rollout to hit you sooner or later.

Source: +Virgil Dobjanschi

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aniket96 says:

Probably not the best place to report but Pulse received major UI update as well and it's now LinkedIn Pulse.

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tumatos says:

that's a pretty major update. just tested it.

aniket96 says:

Yeah and I totally love the new UI.

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TLB69 says:

^^^you forgot to say first.Im still waiting on G Hangouts update.

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MetalMike901 says:

Yeah, me too. For some reason, I just can't get hangouts on multiple devices. Wtf!

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TLB69 says:

I did rock the app but it was buggy.

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TLB69 says:

Sorry ment apk

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Looks like some useful improvements, I think you meant your not yoru pretty pictures though!

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Ancyl S says:

Still waiting for the option to upload to an existing album using the mobile app.

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smotrs says:

I wonder if the Auto Backup was fixed to retry photos that weren't backed up.

I wouldn't know, nexus 7 WiFi one of the first to receive the push and I'm still without it

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_Tinus_ says:

Talking about photo app, do you know if there's any way to access auto backup photos through the app without having to do a search ? I would like to see my Nexus 5 photos from my Nexus 7

PJ Walter says:

will we ever be able to sort folders by date or by title?

matthwo8 says:

Still waiting on the hangouts update here

KaitRoo says:

I'm really annoyed with the google+ update, I deleted some photos from the auto upload via the google+ app and it also deleted them from my phone's gallery. It never used to do that!

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TechNut79 says:

So I'm not the only one. I lost A LOT of pictures that way.

mysticaly4u says:

+1 i just notice the same thing, not liking that.

fldude99 says:

Edit: delete post. Seems like the app needs to reload but gives an error message while that's going on.

Taz89 says:

Wonder when they will add immersive mode or at least have transparent in the navigation bars and status bats with sought blur to make the screen feel bigger. Main reason I wanted kk was mainly due to the fact that finally I have the chance to have the full 7" usable for apps.

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You guys didn't mention the best new feature of video highlights!

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