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Looks like Google is getting more serious about their Google Play Store advertising. If you're browsing pages through Google you'll now start to see a Google Play Store link in the toolbar. Interestingly enough though it's not appearing on Google's homepage, only on the various other links such as Google+, Documents, Maps and Gmail will you see the new advertising. Though, one does have to wonder -- is it advertising or is that some folks are still confused over the switch?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Tsudeily says:

Wish they'd add Voice up there too lol


d14racer24 says:

Agreed! Although there are the options to type in or installing the google voice extension for Chrome. I also wish you could customize what shows up where on the bar. I would much rather have things like Docs and Calendar at the beginning, because I use them more often. I'm just glad they got rid of that stupid drop-down thing they had for a while.

I like it. More room for chrome bookmarks.

Barton82 says:

"'s not appearing on Google's homepage..." - It is for me.

Westfire says:

What ever happened to the new old Google Bar?