Green Throttle Games

Former Green Throttle staff, including co-founders, are headed to work for Google as well

Green Throttle Games, the now-defunct maker of a Bluetooth controller accessory for Android devices, is the latest Google acquisition. Although it had basically stopped supporting its controller hardware and pulled its corresponding Android app, Green Throttle will bring some gaming and accessory knowledge along with former staff and co-founders over to Google.

Google naturally isn't spilling the beans on what this Green Throttle acquisition means for future products, but speculation is leaning towards the new talent being focused on a new rumored Google set-top box. Now with Google TV being all-but-gone and the Nexus Q hardly worthwhile as a doorstop, the time could be right for another living room play from Google.

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Google acquires Green Throttle Games, could aide in future set-top box efforts


Not really no lol the Chromecast is amazing...But this might be a good thing for the next generation Chromecast's.

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Chromecast is pretty meh. Doesn't seem like an ideal device. I had two of then and I only used them only 2-3 times this past 3 months.

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Download from Google, showbox apk and also the Allcast app from the Playstore and you will enjoy your chromecast a whole lot more.

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Chromecast can show 2 different types of subtitles (Google for "chromecast codec" and you'll see). It all depends if the app have and is sending those subtitles.

If you're looking to do anything more than basic local processing, you need more power than what something like the Chromecast has to offer.

Why is google buying failed companies?
Did they have any patents?
They must have had some designs for controllers because otherwise why buy companies when you can just hire (essentially out of work) techies?

I would say because they don't want to design their own controller lol. Seems pretty obvious to me. Just because the company failed doesn't mean the product is bad. It is a pretty competitive segment. It is actually smarter to do this because the company is desperate and likely sunk due to low sales. Brings the cost of acquisition down dramatically. That is how private equity firms specializing in acquisitions and divesting works.

Much as I love Android, I give up on Google TV. I've had both a Logitech Revue and Vizio Costar. Both we frustrating as heck.

I'll stick with Roku for TV and Android phones.

Oh, and I do have a Chromecast, to supplement the older Roku in the bedroom.

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I here you. I have the Asus Cube. Support for that has been worthless and the UI is horrible because the icons for Google apps are way too big and worthless for browsing. Don't get me started on being stuck in Honeycomb.

Let's not forget about the Chromecast. It is hands down the best thing plugged into my TV. And now that the api is opened up, all the asps that I already use every day are starting to support it. If Google could somehow get the Chromecast to mirror a game from my phone or tablet onto my TV with the Chromecast in real time there would be no need for an android game console.

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That's possible - the Google track Santa game had Chromecast support - but only the Nexus 5 has hardware vp8 support so creating the stream would be an issue on most phones... Doable but not at gaming rates.

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