Giorgio Armani Galaxy S

The Galaxy S phones keep coming, as a device has popped up showing off the Giorgio Armani brand name. From the pictures the phone looks exactly the same as the Captivate, which is the AT&T version of the device. To differentiate it from the rest of the bunch, it seems that it will release with some more multimedia options pre-installed along with the trendy props users will get once sporting a phone with the Giorgio Armani name. As expected, it will carry a hefty price tag, rumored to be €700. If you are a huge fan of Giorgio Armani and Android, your dreams are about to come true. Hands-on video's after the break. [via Engadget]

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BoNg420 says:

Expect to see these on clearance for like 1/2 price a month after release.

bod1ggity says:

WTF who pays extra for the phone to have "Armani" written on the face. The depths of peoples idiocy when it comes to spending money and the things that they think are important in life is disgusting. You should buy something for what it does, not the name printed on it.

cheburashka says:

haha reminds me of that HTC Evo vs Iphove video:

thebizz says:

But but its has giorgio armani printed in it. But seriously if you buy this your an idiot. But looks like its running froyo unless the new search widget made it to 2.1

ScubaNitrox says:

The Box looks Cool! I wonder if these are our old non-working GPS Captivates? LOL I wonder if Giorgio would stand for it if his GPS didn't work? And No, I wouldn't pay extra for this phone or the box! :-)

JoshUng says:

Well, I'm not a big fan of Armani, but I am a huge fan of ridiculously inflated prices! So this seems right up my alley.

meccariello says:

700 euro??? Thats about $1500 US!!!! For a phone??? I think not!

ScubaGuy777 says:

This is definitely for the "I have an iPhone" crowd, who are now bored by looking at little blue boxes on every other web page (Adobe Flash banned by Steve Jobs, the tyrant).

dougeetx says:

I wonder what carrier will be on the phone. With that big price tag, I bet Verizon. Their plans are the most expensive@!

shaundizzle says:

isnt verizon the same price as ATT?

and ATT no longer has unlimited data, so they would be more expensive. ill have to do a little more research but thats how it was the last time i checked.

and i heard verizon had a 69.99 plan going on like sprint for new customers.

shaundizzle says:

its painfully obvious this person has no idea what hes doing with such an advanced smartphone.
also he had no idea what the sd card adapter was hahaha

but seeing that phone power on reminded me of the first time i turned on my epic : )

Obeg says:

Very creepy video. Why does the guy not talk???

Masheen says:

This guys got fat fingers. They are like little sausages.