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Last week we got word that the Samsung Droid Charge was set to receive its own official Gingerbread update, and now word in the forum is that the update is rolling out. Bringing a bunch of changes some of which include a new color scheme, a new download manager and added SD encryption. If you haven't already received the update notification be sure to head into your settings and check manually for the update!

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Gingerbread for the Samsung Droid Charge rolling out now


Sounds like the majority of people will receive it Friday. Saturday begins the hopeful/wishful thinking/waiting for ICS.

I hope your not waiting for ICS for the charge? It will never happen. lol God Samsung sucks. Lets see how many phones this update screws up. I still don't have the update NC.

I couldn't disagree more... Samsung is now the leading manufacturer of android devices. They have made strides in improving all things android for their phones. I have tested many androids on multiple carriers and currently have the new RAZR and although it is a nice phone... The Samsung Galaxy S II is the best performing phone PERIOD!

You didn't disagree with anything he said. He was talking about how sssslllloooowwwwww Samsung is about getting updates out to phones. Yeah they make great phones, but would it kill them to invest some money in the software update department?

I was talking about software and updates. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best phone they ever made I agree. There Screens are always the best. There software is far behind, there phones often ship broken. The user then has to wait for updates which Samsung is soooooo slow at releasing. I mean Did you ever have a Samsung fascinate? Funny thing is Verizon gave me the charge for free because they couldn't fix the fascinate, the charge was a little better but still has problems. That was my point, there phones have great potential then they screw it up.

HTC holds the title for Suck. 2 OTAs for GB on the DInc - 2 hard failures. Now awaiting a 3rd OTA...eventually.

What about the dang fascinate when will it ever get upgraded to gb from vzw???? I I have cm7 now and I think that waiting so long for them to code th
at before samsung does is outrageous

I installed this update without having to root. Its not that hard, just get the information from XDA. I am happy with the update, but I think for the amount of time for it to come out it should have been a little better.

im still sort of new to android, but i never realized just how many relatively-recent phones there are thatre still running Froyo, a fact thatd have me hanging by my belt in the closet by now. thank god i got the Nexus.

There has been gingerbread available for this phones for quite some time but it does require a little work. I bought this phone used about two months ago and had gingerbread on it within a couple hours. You don't have to it, you can run it without root if you wish. But the main reason I got this phone to have a newer phone, shame on me for not doing some homework and realizing that it was in fact behind on the times.

The Samsung galaxy s II is THE best phone out right now, there is no phone faster or takes better pictures than the gs2

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are THE best holiday dessert, there is no dessert that satisfies like a pile of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and milk.

What does this have to do with the Droid Charge?

I don't want update, really. I think phones are made to optimize with whatever OS was available at the time and maybe, just maybe, can handle one more update. However, with google's rapid updates to GB, ICS, and whatever, these old phones simply cannot handle it.

Take my DINC as an example. It came with Froyo and it worked just fine - great in fact. But when it was updated with GB, the phone kept rebooting and finally became useless. My wife's DINC suffered the same fate when her phone was updated.

So I don't need an update. I don't want it. Let the phone that is working fine just be, and don't mess it up with updates that it can't handle.

The DINC should work amazingly well on GB. It's because of crappy carriers and manufacturers half-a$$ing their updates. The DINC can easily handle ICS, let alone GB.