Froyo statue

We first showed you the official Froyo sculpture a week ago, and here it is, finally on the Google campus. Yummy, eh? [Twitpic via @billnapier]


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Froyo sculpture finally unveiled on Google's campus


Hey, look! It's that phone that Verizon and Sprint cancelled, AT&T wouldn't cancel, and is no longer sold online!!

thank god i have that Nexus One!!! can't wait for Froyo!! it's so close i can taste it! it tastes GOOD!!!! mmmmmmmm

the really messed up thing is they actually hid it in wrapping, and pulled the video.

and for what???

so they could unveil it while still not letting us have froyo 2.2??

seems like they've planned the 2.2 update about as well as selling the Nexus online

I wonder who supplies these sculptures for Google.

"Hi, yes. This is Google. We'd like to make a large sculpture of a froyo yogurt cup; nono, you heard me right."