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I love cartoons.  No, seriously, I'm like a big kid when it comes to some cartoons, and I've pretty much just been waiting for the Cartoon Network to release their Android app. Finally, it has arrived -- yes, Cartoon Network Video is free to download and features both full show episodes and clips streamed right to your Android smartphone.

In addition to being able to stream clips from such shows as Adventure Time, Regular Show, Ben 10, Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated, Destroy Build Destroy, and Generator Rex you can also pull up the Cartoon Network TV schedule so you know when to tune into any of you -- or your kids favorite shows.  Download link can be found past the break for all you cartoon fans out there.

Note that while you can install the CN app on a tablet, it looks pretty crappy. Stick to smartphones for now.

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mjneid says:

Cartoon network?

no Ed Edd and Eddy?!?!

no Dexter's laboratory?!?!

No Adult Swim shows?!?!

I barely call this an App and shame on you CN for releasing this trash you call cartoons....

El Jefe says:

Since when is ANY app perfect on initial release?

This is just 1.0 & very well could have been an initial release to check platform compatibility since I don't ever remember hearing that there was a beta.

Yes, the catalog is lacking right now, but it works & it's you can't really complain at this point.

mjneid says:

"Yes, the catalog is lacking right now, but it works & it's you can't really complain at this point."

apparently i can. :p

my motion is that the shows on Cartoon network aren't near as good as they once were. They are basically animated soap operas. Not cartoons. and people wonder why our kids grow up so fast today.
but that is a different discussion for another time.

irony#AC says:

This is the same kind of attitude that led to our generation of buggy video games. When did the "rush it out now and patch/fix/improve it later" mentality take over? I miss the good ol' days when everything worked well out of the box :(

Get the good shows listed on this lackluster app already!

onixblack says:

I want all the Cartoon Cartoons

If you don't know what those are maybe I'm starting to get older than I think I am

Adult Swim is considered a separate network from Cartoon Network. They just share a channel with CN on cable systems in the US.

where is my Pornimy


Captain Niko says:


level32 says:

U.S. only... I don't even know why I tried :(

Gimik says:

Not optimized for tablets FYI. I was hoping to watch something on my xoom >.<

Too bad Cartoon Network sucks now...
Where's Dexter's Laboratory, Ed Edd N Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog....

mjneid says:

I said the exact same thing and chewed to bits... i dunnot i miss the good stuff.

ashram says:

no where near fullscreen on my acer iconia :(

so, can we also get adult swim and boomerang apps?

Dark_Blu says:

I'd love to download and install this, but the 1GB of storage on my EVO is almost full.

Move stuff to the SD card?

gohaus says:

Holy shit Adventure Time on my phone!! I'm so excited

kevinwska says:

I see several full episodes listed so I'm not understanding those complaints. But on my Evo Shift not a single episode will play, I keep getting an error message or it freezes.

DK1102 says:

Sounds like there wont be any of Carl's "Im pissed" series or his "Stone Cold lock of the Century! Of the week!"

Hey little mama! Where's my Johnny Bravo!?!?!

shingi_70 says:

The regular show and young justice are awesome. still if you liked the early seasons of spongebob then you should like most of these new CN shows as thats who run most of them.

onixblack says:

I really turn on the app to here the sound that starts at the beginning...I wish I knew what it was

eljon says:

waste of time, this app is only in US. It's very stupid, because this channel is everywhere in europe as well.