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Greetings citizens of Android Central! The Mobile Nations World Tour continues, and I confess I have been slacking.  My BlackBerry duties pulled me away. I have a couple more quality posts due to hit the blogs here before I move onto my stint with Windows Phone. But I wanted to chime in quick to let you know about a new app that just went live minutes ago in the Google Play Store... the CrackBerry Forums App for Android!

Yes, there is a story behind this one. We wanted to get an interim CrackBerry forums app up and running for the BlackBerry PlayBook quickly while we continue to work on our upcoming native BlackBerry 10 app. We found the easiest and best way to do this was to have our friends at Tapatalk port over their Android client. We launched that version yesterday in BlackBerry App World. As a byproduct of those efforts, we had the .apk in our hands so figured it wouldn't hurt to get it live in the Google Play store as well. Judging from the comments to my previous posts here, I know a bunch of you are former BlackBerry users and CrackBerry members. It's all good. 

The app is of course free. So if you have a soft spot for your old BlackBerry, want to keep in touch with CrackBerry friends or want to keep up to date with all the chatter surrounding the upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10 phones, be sure to give the CrackBerry Forums app a download in Google Play. The app makes it easy to browse the forums from your Android device. Just remember, if you're going to post, don't be a troll about it. Nobody likes trolls. Be like Phil and Jerry who have already downloaded the app and given it a 5 star rating along with some awesome reviews. ;)

The next move is yours Phil. I can't wait for you to come on CrackBerry and announce the launch of the Android Central app in BlackBerry App World.


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Former BlackBerry user? Check out the free CrackBerry Forums app for Android!


RIM will be gone in a few years. It's too late for them. RIM is run by terrible executives that have no clue how to make phones people want. They were saying there was nothing wrong as they were laying off tons of people. All the good features of BB 10 will be adopted into Android and iPhone and then what will they do, wait another 3 years to come up with another good idea?

It's in the past.
About layoff, Nokia did the same, HTC (going) do the same, and even Sony (Ericsson) did the same. And when did RIM says that it's OK to do that?

I have to wonder do these forum specific apps actually have any advantage over the stock tapatalk app (aside from being free) ?

Good to see a little cross platform promotion (and harmless) ribbing going on. I hope BlackBerry makes it. Choice is good in the marketplace.

A certain other fruit company doesn't share that view sadly.

What's really funny here is that in App World we have to call it the CB Forums App (can't use anything with "berry" in it), but in Google Play we can use the proper CrackBerry Forums App name.

I recently bought a TF300T Android Tablet, and I still have my BB Torch 9800, so having a CrackBerry app for Android is definitely a good thing!