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After hanging out on the Barnes & Noble Nook since the summer, Skobbler's ForeverMap 2 has found its way to the Google Play store. Like a few other non-Google solutions ForeverMap 2 taps into OpenStreetMap for its data, which is created thanks to the collective contributions of users. The core app costs $0.99, and you can download locally-stored maps for individual cities for $0.99, single states for $1.99, whole countries for $2.99, continents for $5.99 each, or a full global map for $9.99. Though that sounds like a fair bit to ask, users get one country for free out of the box. All of the usual services are there, including turn-by-turn directions, points of interest search, and address lookup. 

Skobbler is pushing ForeverMap 2 as a Google Maps alternative, which is a pretty hard sell considering the high quality of Android's built-in navigation and local search apps. Offline access is always handy, especially if you're visiting someplace outside your data coverage, but it that alone enough? What would it take for you to switch to something other than Google Maps? Does ForeverMap 2 look like it could fit the bill, or are there other third-party maps applications that you're already comfortable with? 


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ForeverMap 2 brings offline-ready OpenStreetMaps to Google Play


Launcher icon is a rounder corner rectangle and the UI doesn't look Androidy. I can't say how well the app really works but there's no reason not to follow the design guidelines.

the are already several apps offering offline openstreetmaps in the Google Play. e.g map with me and Osmand

I use CoPilot Live for offline maps as I don't have a data plan. I think its on sale this week. The pictures don't show any of their turn by turn directions and no mention of text to Speech.

Does it come with Offline Turn by Turn Navigation? That's honestly the only feature missing in Google Maps that I wish was there.

App is crap, don't waste your time and money. I can't figure out why AC is even reviewing this app?

The biggest feature that's missing from Google Nav for me is waypoints. On CoPilot, back before Google Nav existed, I could search for, say, a gas station while on a trip. I could select the gas station, go there, then automatically be routed to the original destination.

Agreed. The only thing I miss about Garmin is creating custom waypoints. I could throw in 10 addresses and it would automatically configure the optimal route.

Or you could use NavFree which also uses OpenStreetMaps, also provides offline turn-by-turn navigation, and is completely free. Seriously, those prices are completely outrageous given that they're just repackaging data that volunteers created to give away for free.

I've been using LocusPro for over a year. Used it to download offline maps for several countries, get directions, etc.

Several map sources also: OpenMaps, Mapquest, etc.

The app has a price above the average apps, but you get what you pay for. And it's a one-only payment. No charge for maps.