Focal camera app

The past week saw a bit of drama come out of the launch of Cyanogen Inc., with the Focal camera app seemingly becoming a casualty when it was removed from the CM builds. It has, however, reappeared with a proper release in Google Play.

Labeled as a beta product, it's an improved (but not finished) release of the open-source camera app that sports just about every feature you could want in a smartphone camera. Photos, video, filters, controls, panorama — even its own version of PhotoSpheres. Some features work better than others at this point, but it's good to see work continuing.

You can download for free at the link above.


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Focal camera app finds release on Google Play


Why is our only compatible with side devices? I want to use this on my tablet.

Posted via Android Central App

I tried it on my N7 as well to see if it would replace the camera launcher I have, no go :(

my thumbs, this HTC One, that Android Central app. Done.

Works fine on T-Mobile GS III, running AOKP. Pretty slick camera app. I'm still trying to figure out how to turn off the shutter sound.

Posted from my GS III via Android Central App

I like the feature set and the interface (for the most part), but it's too buggy on both of my devices (N4 and N10, both running CM nightlies). On the N10, the viewfinder display and photos are rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. On the N4, the viewfinder display is fine, but the photos are rotated. According to the XDA thread, they're known issues, but it won't be a usable app until they're fixed.

Downloaded for my Moto X because the default camera app has no settings, particularly annoying is that there's no photo size selection. Focal froze when I selected Blackboard and Whiteboard effects, and crashed on me once upon launch. Only thing I miss in Focal is the tap anywhere once to focus and then shoot. Instead there's a double tap for simple photo mode, but I don't like the simple mode. I just want to tap anywhere for a photo.

Hope now it will stop coming as a system app on cyanogenmod so I can easily uninstall it. Same goes for apollo and any non stock app, If I like them, I will install them

No option to select save location... Rotates photos 90 degrees on portrait and 180 on landscape... The rest looks good

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I've used it on recent CM builds and it takes pretty muddy pictures on my GS3. I think it is pretty difficult to write photo processing algorithms for one camera, let alone trying to make it work on every device. It's just the nature of the beast, and it kinda dooms all 3rd party photo apps right out the gate.

Great app. Keeps crashing though while trying the photosphere setting. Can't wait to see the full potential of this release

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Works well on a Droid Razr Maxx. The only things I do not like 1)Can't adjust picture size 2)No macro?