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Starting today, those of us who play the frequent flyer game on Delta Air Lines need to keep track of what we're spending in order to make status for 2015. And to that end, Delta has updated its Android app to also show your Medallion Qualification Dollars, aka MQDs. Want to keep status next year? You've got to spend, baby, spend, and not just hop cheap flights to nowhere.

Also new is more detailed profile information, and the requisite bugfixes and performance improvements.

And as a reminder, Delta, like other U.S. airlines, now lets you use your phone or tablet below 10,000 feet. Just don't try to make any calls, m'kay?


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Fly Delta app updated to help keep track of SkyMiles status


FIRST I would need to fly enough to get those darn miles... Damn company won't pay to fly me to DC or NY as much as I have to.. Drive they say...

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I'm Platinum on Delta as well. And it's about as good as Silver.

There are so many old stodgy 4+million milers on Delta that even Platinum doesn't mean anything. I'm usually like #34 on the upgrade list with 0 first class seats remaining. It's a joke.

It's pretty much the same on most airlines, especially with the trend toward using regional jets on smaller, subsidiary airlines. I'm 1K on United (equivalent to Diamond on Delta) and I'm upgraded maybe 1/2 the time, down to around 1/4 of the time if flying out of ORD.

MQD's are the devil... Unfortunately Delta has the nicest planes that go to the most places I want to go. RIP to my past years of status.

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