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Florida’s most popular newspaper, the Times Union, has collaborated with Handmark to produce an Android app based off the popular Jacksonville.com website. Their simple yet sleek UI gives users around the clock updates on news, sports, traffic and entertainment all around the Northeast Florida area. Handmark has stated that they aren’t stopping here and to be on the lookout for individual apps for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Gators, and some of the First Coast’s high schools. The app itself is quite simply a pleasure to use and it's nice to see a newspaper finally get it right. Snag it at Jacksonville.com or with the download links after the break.  [via Business Wire]


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Florida-Times Union and Handmark team up to release Jacksonville.com app


Hate to see this kind of stuff.

Pretty soon the Market will be full of as much crap as you find in the Apple app store. The same cookie cutter app rebranded with the name of yet another news paper, radio station or TV station. Same code. Just different skin. Don't believe me? Just go to the market or appbrain and search handmark.

Just go here: http://feeds.jacksonville.com/JacksonvillecomMostPopularStories

Click the Google icon (if shown), then back, and then click subscribe with google. Done. Its all in your Google Reader.

No more filling up home screens and memory with pointless single purpose apps.

One Reader to Rule them all. Doesn't have to be Google Reader, any reader will do.