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I've raved about Mobiata's FlightTrack app before, and for good reasons -- it's just about the best at helping me keep track of where in the world I'm going. And it's just gotten better in a couple of big ways.

First is with the addition of a live wallpaper that shows flights in progress. If you're a travel nerd, airplane buff or just like shiny things, you'll want to check it out.

Then there's the recently released FlightBoard. Previously available for iOS, it does what the name suggests -- it's a slick way to see what flights are coming up when.

We caught up with Mobiata for a quick demo at the Android booth at Mobile World Congress. Check it out.


Reader comments

FlightTrack wallpaper, FlightBoard app help make travel look cool


I will never buy another Mobiata app after my experience with flight track. They advertise how you can link into your tripit account with buying the $5 app, but then they tell you to actually link it to your tripit account you need another $5 purchase - really crappy to string you along and not tell you off the bat you need to spend $10. The sad part is I probably would have spent $10 on the app, but have sworn off the entire company b/c I don't like being deceived.

I have to compliment Mobiata for following through with their promise to bring FlightBoard to Android. It is a beautiful app. I agree that FlightTrack Pro is a rip off. But FlightTrack + FlightBoard = aviation bliss.