Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, the game everyone loved to hate, will be making a refreshed return later this year according to its developer, Dong Nguyen. During an interview with CNBC, Nguyen says that a new version of the game will be multiplayer and less addictive. A main reason why the game was originally taken down by Nguyen was because of its addictive nature, he claims, though that led to reportedly large amounts of revenue from ads with Flappy Bird being played by tens of millions of people while it was still available.

Details on the new release are slim at this point, but we can only hope the game has a bit more polish this time around. Though the crude nature of the original was fun to scoff at, it wasn't all that fun to look at or play, to be honest. Let's see if the new multiplayer version will turn as many heads when it is released.

Source: The Verge

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No ones gonna want it. After a little while things get burnt out.

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DS1331 says:

Still a clown. Wah I'm making too much money off a game I created

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tdizzel says:

Because after all, most developers' goal is to make games that people don't want to play.

It'll be interesting to see if the graphics still look like they were ripped off from Nintendo.

neonworm says:

I like the graphics...

fuzzylumpkin says:

Yeah, course you do. They were ripped from Nintendo!

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canikony says:

I have a feeling it will be tweaked so that it wont... But I also believe that's why he removed it originally, to avoid any potential lawsuits from Nintendo. No one takes a product/App off the market because its TOO addictive.

Let the rage recommence.

Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.

xFrozen says:

I don't think people will care much that it's back. There are already so many clones and spinoffs available to play. People will get bored of those and not care anymore.

BB_Bmore says:

But what about humanity!?!?!

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mdentley says:


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JoeyStyles says:

If this guy was making $50K per day on adds alone he is crazy to dump it. Ill download the new version but his money train is over

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sweetypie31 says:

I played the game once and I didn't get all the hype .

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Tony Romano1 says:

I factory reset my phone last week and just assumed it wasn't going to reinstall from the play store and it did. Played it today. 9 is all I got.

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You need to devote 500 more hours to it, then your life will be better, promise*

Apaca1ypse says:

Must have burned through all that money he didn't want.

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thod3n says:

Unless some other game goes super viral right before this gets released, then it will certainly get tons of downloads. I'm just interested in seeing how far it will go.

Clak says:

Better hope it doesn't still use Nintendo assets, or he'll need the money to defend himself in court.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Oh for science sake! Hopefully it'll die on its arse. Very little respect for this particular dev.

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mvsmith says:

Meh Fall Out Bird is better. So are other flappy bird clones.

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He missed making tons of revenue...

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Sunofabob says:

I hated it at first but I honed my skills and I love it now. Try flappy nyan.

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334 no big deal. All you other cry babies just suck at it that's why you "don't get the hype" or don't like it. Sore loser's.

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fuzzylumpkin says:

No. Hard games ate fine.

Shit games are not.

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

Lol or maybe some people aren't a huge tool like you are and they don't need a stupid game like this to brag about in order to feel good about themselves. ;) Keep chirping there little bird.
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robocopvn says:

Line bird is much more better and harder !

splash112 says:

Meanwhile I can still download the original from my download list on play store
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dyinman says:

oh my god WHO CARES!?

Jay Shank says:

Play flappy48..its more tough than flappy bird..

And i have flappy bird on my phone since it came...i never deleted it..i rather made backup from clean master and saved it in my dropbox when i heard its been pulling from store... :-)

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troshs says:

Well there's one bit of karma here...all those idiots who bought phones for x thousands of dollars because of this games existence will feel like complete morons now that the app is back.

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Yohan Beebe says:

Gonna be a lot of angry craigslist highway robbers after this comes out.