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The Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Play Store launch was more than a little chaotic, with server errors and other glitches preventing some folks from getting orders in. However, if you were one of the lucky few to be able to order a Nexus 4 in Europe, you can expect your phone to arrive in the next few days. The first of ours showed up just a few minutes ago, and we're sure other early birds will be receiving Nexus-shaped parcels in the next few hours.

Anyone else seeing Nexus 4 orders arriving this morning? Shout out in the comments!

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21plays says:

still waiting for a tracking number here in US

Oletros says:

I have ordered in Spain and my order is still pending :(

a61737025 says:

order still pending in the UK..:(

DonJuan89 says:

Got a tracking number yesterday. My phone has been sitting in a DHL shipment center in some tiny town 400km away from Berlin from yesterday evening. I would drive there if it meant that I would get the phone today!

you could WALK there!! go get it - D

k0nrad says:

Same here. DHL tracking shows it's still in Feucht...Since 7pm yesterday. Either they are massively lazy with these parcels, or the tracking doesn't work as it should.

I hope they will arrive to Berlin tomorrow, both yours and mine!

My Order hasn't shipped yet here in the USA, here's hoping it'll ship today in time for tomorrow or Monday.

Cube1701 says:

My UK one hasn't been shipped yet.

Nuno Gouveia says:

Have ordered in Spain, still pending.

siem3m says:

My N4 arrived (ordered in Germany). Can't wait to get home.

DonJuan89 says:

@siem3m: When did you place the order??? I am waiting for it in Berlin at work.

siem3m says:

I placed the order on tuesday, some minutes, before the Nexus 4 was out of sale. The DHL tracking tells me, the package was sent from Bavaria :D Is Hannover so much closer to Bavaria than Berlin is?

Grüße aus Hannover ;)

DonJuan89 says:

@siem3m: When did you place the order??? I am waiting for it in Berlin at work.

DonJuan89 says:

Sorry, missed the reply button.

chins22 says:

Still waiting to order one :( real sad this is!

xxcusaoxx says:

Order still pending :(

oSIRus0815 says:

Ordered N4 16GB + N10 16GB in Germany, order still pending ...

EDIT: Got my shipping confirmation a few minutes ago. nice

shaunmclane says:

Still showing as pending in google wallet, and no shipping email yet. So glad I paid extra for two day shipping so big g could take all week to process the order.

lazerblu says:

My UK N4 arrived this morning :D

Trevster26 says:

successively ordered Tuesday, they sent it out last night around 6pm, delivered this morning...but i was asleep and missed it, have to wait until tomorrow lol

Donmeister85 says:

Fail much? I would've been waiting up for it! :D lol

Trevster26 says:

i know right...i cant believe i overslept lol.

i'ma switch if i miss it tomorrow too! :P

Robert Le says:

Got my tracking number today in the US.

eahinrichsen says:

Good news! Hopefully it doesn't get stuck over the weekend... says:

Still waiting for mine as well in US. I find it ridiculous that these phones were not sitting ready for stickers for same day shipment. Im beginning to think that all these cali googlers are a bunch of stoners who forgot they were selling the next hottest phone. By the site crashing and immediate out of stock levels all over the world I think they need to readjust their forecast demands. Its almost 2013 and we have a robot on mars. Dont mail a phone with 2 day delivery on a thursday. It will take 4 days then.

whosaidwhat says:

Some of you guys are too much. What makes you think they didn't have these phones sitting around waiting for stickers and shipment? 1. Yes, the site got hit by millions of people trying to order at the same time. It happens to the best of them. HP known for their e-commerce was brought to a crawl when they had the fire sale on the Touchpad. Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce out there is brought to a crawl when they run their very low (limited) price items for black Friday. It's just the nature of the beast.

2. They can't forecast exactly how many millions they will need so let's stop with that BS. Guess what? If they made 10 million and serviced 9.9 million, we'll still have people crying about it.

Just wait a week or two for more stock.

mmace says:

colleagues and friends have tracking numbers, out for delivery today, I contacted TNT (who are delivering in the UK) and they have nothing for me. Quite annoying.

y2whisper says:

For those that got tracking numbers, how long did it take from receiving the tracking # to it actually coming in. Looks like I will be waiting until Monday as still no email for either of my N10's

Cruz3r2 says:

Still pending.....US

Cruz3r2 says:

Well at least its still only 6:15 AM on the west coast where my N4 is shipping from

ju12zo says:

To those who received their devices OR tracking numbers... Look at the reference number associated with the shipment. What is it? Does it relate to your order number or just say Nexus 4 like I think my Nexus 7 did?

With this info I've been able to reverse look up my tracking number before (with other products)

Also still pending in Wallet, East Coast US, 16GB.

theonlycog says:

I was very impressed (and lucky) with the process. My Neuxs 4 arrived exactly 26 hours after ordering it.

I managed to place an order (in UK) at 8:16am on Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning at 10:16am it arrived!!

nexuss23 says:

Did you have at tracking # email?

theonlycog says:

Yes, I got the tracking email at 6pm on Tuesday evening

Ardrid says:

Just received my tracking.number! Can't wait!

samagon says:

N10 tracking number received in USA :)

toonhead85 says:

I, like many in the US, have yet to have my order shipped. I wondering if it has anything to do with the fact I ordered a Bumper case with my N4??

I also wanted to know what you all thought about the "Delivered in 3-5 business days"... Do you think that means 3-5 business days from shipment or from order? I personally think its from the date of shipment which means I should have my order by mid next week, I hope.

The other thing I wanted to know is why EU orders are already starting to arrive and US some US orders haven't even shipped yet??

sarumont says:

I did not order a bumper (didn't want to chance my N4 getting dropped out of my cart whilst adding the bumper), and I have not received shipping notification yet (still Pending, Play says est. ship date is today). My order went through at 12:12:17 PM UTC-6, so I wonder if they are processing orders in a first-in, first-shipped manner? Here's to hoping my N4 gets here before I leave on Saturday for Thanksgiving...

salr88 says:

Its bull here in the u.s. they charge extra for two day shipping so it should get here in two days. If they were planning on dragging their feet they should have just shipped u.s.p.s. and saved me ten bucks. Jerks

Cruz3r2 says:

Google says "All packages are delivered via UPS two-day shipping. However, please note that it may take up to 2 business days for us to process your order for shipment. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email notification with a UPS tracking number. Your estimated time of delivery will be determined at the point that your order has been processed and shipped. It may take 24 hours for the UPS package tracking to return any information for your tracking number.

If you have not received a package tracking number after 2 business days have passed, please contact our support team via phone or via email."

This help?

nexuss23 says:

I wonder if we will all be surprised here in the US, am at 10am eastern time my delivery would be in the next hour. I have yet to get my email for tracking but we will see.

nexuss23 says:

Google still saying my phone is set to ship by the evening of the 15th. Still optimistic they may surprise me.

PapiManCT says:

i dont understand how people in europe order the phone the same day (tuesday) and already got it yesterday and today. it doesnt make sense, google is shipping those phones from california, how come i'm on the east coast and i order my phone on the same day and all of this phones are flying over my head right now. i just dont get it. ( i understand they are ahead for a couple of orders, but i would assume that if they started shipping phones on tuesday, they should've started shipping phones around the globe, US or Europe. anyways im still waiting..

theonlycog says:

My order (UK) came from Ireland not California. Google will have stock around the Globe not just in one place

iowabeakster says:


The answer to all this puzzlement:

Google is shipping these devices from numerous shipping facilities around the world.

[lol... i took too long making sure my comment was sufficiently sarcastic... and got beat to the punch... boo...]

chins22 says:

Can anybody tell me the shipping options with costs for UK. Thanks!

lazerblu says:

UK Shipping is £10

Mine was ordered Tue morning, Received TNT tracking email last night & Delivered this morning.

Trevster26 says:


chins22 says:

Thanks Mate!

theonlycog says:

£9.99 and shipped by TNT

chins22 says:

Thank you too!

eli_ao5 says:

STALKING the Mailman all week here

eonnx says:

Got my tracking # at 1 am today.

Last Location:
Louisville, KY, United States, Thursday, 11/15/2012

That's where my N4 is shipping from right now.

Loftusroader says:

Just had an email from play store, and due to overwhelming demand phone is on back order and expected to ship within 3 weeks we will credit delivery charge.....Argh. 8 gb,ordered Tuesday in UK

taptapcrash says:

USA here. Ordered around 4:30 pm EST
"due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges."

Gravislord says:

My buddy who ordered 30 minutes after I did got his tracking number email today but I haven't yet, and I ordered at 8:33am PST lol

[UPDATE] I called Google and was told that my unit is being shipped out today. If I haven't received my tracking # by tomorrow afternoon, I guess I can just call them again :)