Field Trip makes travel information available in Google Now for Android

Field Trip, the location-based information app by Google's Niantic Labs, has been updated with support for Google Now on Android phones and tablets. This means that when you show up at a new place all the interesting details about that place are ready and waiting for you to access, right in that convenient, card-based interface.

Google Glass has had Field Trip cards for a couple of months — kinda had to, given the display requirements — so it's great to see it hitting Android phones and tablets as well.

Field Trip's goal is to help you spend "less time digging and more time discovering" and putting it in Google Now certainly seems like a huge leap in the right direction. If you're using it, let me know how you like it!


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Field Trip makes travel information conveniently available in Google Now


Same question. I would rather not install the app if the points of interest will just show up automatically in Google Now. Anyone know how this works?

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Ditto. If it's built into Google Now, I might as well save the space and not have the Field Trip app separately. Can anyone confirm this?

Yes I'm wondering the same thing. Does anyone know? I have used the field trip app in the past and really liked it, but if Google Now is pulling from that without the app that would be great!

I used to use this, but ended up uninstalling it because of the battery consumption. Anyone know if it's improved in that regard?

I uninstalled it long ago for the same reason.
I recently reinstalled it during a vacation and had no issues with better drain like before. I did turn off all the notifications though. But I had them turned off in the past and still had battery issues. So it is better now.