Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress login options also in testing

Updated 9:49 a.m.: Whoa. Feedly has announced that it's in fact not going to force users to Google+ and will keep traditional Google login. Here's its official update:

The fact that this changing is forcing users to create a Google+ profile and that Google+ is not available in some companies and on some Google Apps domains outweighs the benefit of being about to login more seamlessly across devices. So we are going to rollback this change later this afternoon - Friday 1:00pm PST. We will try to make it optional in the future for some users who like Google+. Thanks for the feedback.

Original post follows:

With the death of Google Reader earlier this year, Feedly emerged as one of the major players in RSS, and since its inception it's been using Google's OAuth authentication service to sign in users. With the gradual shift towards Google+ sign-in across Google properties however, Feedly is following suit and introducing G+ sign-in. The transition will take place "this week" on the web and "later this month" through the Feedly Android and iOS apps.

The move to Google+ sign in, Feedly says, allows for easier sign-in on mobile devices and opens up more sharing possibilities, on which it promises to divulge more over the next couple of weeks.

But if Google+ isn't for you, Feedly is also testing Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress login options, with the aim of rolling them out over the next seven weeks.

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[Updated] Feedly backs off transition to Google+


Sounds good to me. Makes it a bit more convenient if I ever have to reset my phone.

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Judging by the comments already appearing on feedly's blog it looks like this is gonna hurt them bad. At least Google gave users a lot of notice before locking them out of their account and data.

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... and now that you cannot log into feedly until you agree to create a g+ profile it would seem that the plan to offer other means of logging in is irrelevant.

You will still need to link your email address to a new g+ social media profile in order to access your feedly account/login settings.

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I have been very happy with Tiny Tiny RSS. You control it so no social stuff added that you don't want

This is a horrible decision because the Google account I used for Reader/Feedly isn't the same as my G+ account which I don't use. Am I about to lose my news feeds because of a unilateral decision foisted on the out-of-touch folks at Feedly.

Here's a word of caution that should chill the developers at Feedly to the bone: Digg. Remember Digg? They pioneered and popularized social news sharing and for a time, there were legions of "Digg clones" trying to emulate what they did.

So what happened to Digg? They grew complacent and arrogant, believing that because they had the largest share of the field, that was the way it'd always be. They rolled out a change that the users HATED and when they complained, Kevin Rose was too busy drinking exotic teas, rock climbing and framing his Obama posters to care. He was on the cover of Business Week and Inc. and Digg was #1, so why let the crying of the malcontents get in the way of the party.

Now he's a joke and Reddit is what I call "the house that Digg built." It happened to MySpace, too; what's to say that Feedly isn't hurtling down this same path to oblivion? Feedly exploded overnight because Google was chucking Reader, but what's going to prevent a sharp company from saying, "Export your OPML file and come on over here. We have our own login system. You're welcome." Feedly would be devastated overnight, rightfully so.

Hubris and arrogance kill. Feedly got too big, too fast and the proprietors clearly believe they are irreplaceable. They're about to have that belief tested.
EDIT: Go here to export your OPML file for importation in whatever capitalizes on Feedly's suicide - http://cloud.feedly.com/#opml

I'm trying to decide what sort of cheese would go best with this particular whine... I think something easy and simple, like a cheddar, since this particular whine is so... lame and bland.

Do you prefer Vaseline or Crisco when you're being bent over and rogered? You love being bossed around, don't you?

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All I see from you here is rant, rant, rant... But what are you even complaining about? That they're switching to a login service you already use? OH MY GOD HOW HORRIBLE!

Get over yourself.

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This is excellent news and is confirmed at blog-feedly-com

Now hopefully the amazing folks at doggcatcher will be quick to fix what they just broke today as well :)

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I'm not impressed with Feedly. I thought it would load full stories, but it seems to only load a few words from much of what I want to read, and I either have to follow a link or save to Pocket to read the whole thing.

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Glad Feedly backed off this change, while I am sure Google + is a good product, some people like myself are forbidden to utilize any form of Social Media as a condition of employment.

This change would have essentially prevented me from using Feedly.

While I realize I am in the minority, I am glad Feedly reversed course.


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