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We've mentioned this in the forums and teased a little bit on Google+, but it deserves mention here: Yes, we're hard at work on a new Android Central app.

The short version is that our old app was never really up to snuff (and frankly probably never should have happened in the first place). We unpublished it some time ago. But we can't do anything about folks who still have it installed, except to say uninstall it and hang tight. Something much better is on the way.

We don't have any ETAs to give yet, but I can say things are progressing nicely, and this new app has far more features (and far less ad spam) than the old one.

See my post in our forums for a more detailed explanation of the old app, our new app, and better things to come.


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Fear not, for we are working on a new Android Central app


How about documenting the steps it takes it creating an app for the Google play market. I am an android enthusiast, and I would love to see how it is done.

Will be a good thing. I have not used the app for a long time because my security software kept advising me to uninstall it.

Yeah the old app sucked (no offense). The best Android site in the world should have the best app in the world. #imjustsaying

Phil, please make your widget scrollable :-). Your widget is one of the first ting I install on every new android device I get (that's at least one new device a month... I'm a bit of a junkie). All kidding aside, please give that widget some love. Great widget!

I used to use the widget too but got sick of it not being scrollable. I just posted below that I use Simple RSS Widget now, but I should have mentioned that it is scrollable.

I second that Phil! I pay close attn to the widget
and use it regularly.

I'm getting the almighty S4 verrrry soon, so make
sure it's fully compatible with the latest version of

Likes & dislikes in the forums, and notifications to forum
replies please, forum community is a big deal to me,
I don't currently get notifications to responses
on Android Central, but I do on Engadget & Phone Scoop.

I have the widget set up on my phone for use with different launchers, but right now I have AC and writers in a particular circle on Google+ and I use the G+ widget only showing that circle.

I've resorted to Simple RSS Widget to stay on top of my Android Central fix :)

I hope the new app will have a scrollable widget!

I hope it will include a scrollable widget for the home screen! I love the current widget but it's a little outdated...

Keep up the good work!

Thank you! Old app kept force closing and honestly looked like a clone of the Droid Life app. Hope your new app is awesome!

The old app was just an AC forums-only version of tapatalk though, wasn't it? It was never a big deal for me just going through the forums, but I guess if you want something as full featured as the entire website then that app definitely wasn't going to cut it. Unless you're talking about something else in which case I have no idea. I'm referring to the app that's on the right in the picture posted above.

There used to be an app for the stuff on the front page, too, long before the forum app. Don't worry, though. You're not missing anything. It sucked. I preferred the mobile website. And that even sucks compared to the mobile sites for all the other Mobile Nations sites. Even the Windows Phone section has a better mobile site.

Sorry, AC, but I think your mobile website design needs to catch up to the quality of your news and features. It's severely lacking in comparison. You should bring it in line with the Holo guidelines.

W00t! So excited to hear about that! I had heard you guys used to have an app, by the time I actually jumped into the world of Android; it already had stopped getting updates and/or pulled.

Good you all decided to bring it back to life, lol. I'll certainly be downloading it day 1 when you all put it back on the Market ^_^

Not sure what was wrong with the old app. But I switched to paid Tapatalk 2, then Tapatalk HD, a while back. Haven't looked back. Working fine...

I still use the original android central widget. the one that's only a widget. I've been using it since my OG Evo to my Note 2 and all like 5 phones in between. update it cuz its simply and to the point.

Oh cool. Why not put iOS style buttons and menus all over it too. That'll SERIOUSLY draw in the customers. Giant pixelated back buttons and a five icon menu on the bottom will make your users feel right at home. Shame the app was unpublished, couldn't get enough iOS feeling on my Apple GS3 /s

Huh, I was wondering why other mobile nation portals like iMore, CrackBerry, and WPCentral have their own dedicated app that shows news but not Android Central. (There was only the app that linked to the forums, but not the news itself.)

Oh well, that's my fault for subscribing late in the game.

Trying out the BETA version on my Nexus 7 and I must say I'm impressed. Phil, (the all-great and all-knowing king of all editors), you guys got it right!