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Falcon Pro (Beta) was my weekly app pick last week, and for good reason. Twitter clients aren't in short supply, but with Twitter's new rules, some of the better ones seen recently are starting to wind down development before being fully complete. Not so with Falcon Pro though, as work is now complete, the beta process is over and the app is available for download from the Google Play Store. 

The key differences between the finished article and the beta version will be features. In the beta, several of the key functionalities such as lists and search were disabled. Naturally, those are now turned on, and a couple of other goodies are packed in there too. One such addition is Tweetmarker support. This comes with a slight warning that it slows down refresh a little, but it's a nice addition to have all the same. 

And, let's not forget the UI. Falcon Pro is great to look at, scrolling is smooth, and the inclusion of an in-app web browser for viewing web links is well executed. We're going to spend a little time with the finished build, so look out for a full review in the coming days. But, if you're eager to take a look, head on over to the Play Store and grab a copy. It is a paid app, and pricing is set at £0.64/$1.03.


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Falcon Pro for Twitter exits beta, now available from Google Play


I'm confused about the differences between Falcon Widget and Falcon Pro. Both are from the same developer, right? So Falcon Widget is just Falcon Pro in widget form, while integrating/pulling from whichever Twitter app you prefer ; while Falcon Pro is a the developer's full-fledged Twitter app of his/her own?

Thanks for this write up. Bought the app and it is absolutely fantastic! In my opinion is way ahead of any other twitter client out.

All this needs for me to be complete is multi-user support and the additions of themes. Both of which I believe are on the way in future updates.

Well worth the app price.

While themes isn't a deal breaker, the lack of multi-user support is, that's something that has to be in any twitter app out of the gate.

I agree themes are not a deal breaker. Though that is one of my favorite things about Android, options to mix things up a bit from time to time.

If the official Twitter app had a dark theme, added a multi-user account in one timeline, that would start to make people more apt to use it.

I don't think those are push notifications. The Dev even said they're "real-time", not push. Until he gets a dedicated server.

Solid app. Been using it for awhile now. These guys released when they said they would and have great communication unlike @Dot1ne and Carbon for android.