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In a news conference today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg unveiled his vision for the next five years of Facebook, and announced a few new features to the popular social networking platform that might look familiar to those of you lucky enough to be using Google+

The biggest announcement is that soon you can now have a video chat with your Facebook friends directly from chat.  Both of you will have to download and install the plugin first, but once you do, a face to face chat is just a button away.  Unlike the Google+ Hangout feature, Facebook chat is limited to one-on-one video.

The second major feature is the addition of group text chat.  Previously, only members of a Facebook group would be able to create a group chat, but now users will be able to invite whoever they want to the chat, similar to the Huddle feature in Google+ on mobile devices, or Google Talk group chat in Gmail.

Lastly, Facebook will give their chat system a much-needed facelift, so it's easier to tell who's online to chat.  Facebook Chat will also be coded to take advantage to the extra screen space on widescreen monitors, moving your Chat list off to the side and out of the pop-up menu.

When asked about the Facebook mobile app, Mark Zuckerburg said the new group chat will already work with mobile devices, but that they haven't finished porting over video chat at this time, saying “These are mostly web features for now.” 

All of these features will roll out to web users in the "coming weeks" but if you're feeling adventurous, the video chat can be installed today via a link in their blog. 

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Reader comments

Facebook announces Skype Video integration, but it's not Google+


Gross. Now the Facebook app is available again for Honeycomb, yet it doesn't install. Can't wait till my friends are allowed into google+ only a couple of us there right now.

They're going to have to make these features available on mobile for me to be interested. I NEVER hang out with my computer anymore...to the point that it's not even connected to the internet.

How about they work on their facebook for android app first. It needs a lot of work.

Sadly there are no good alternatives right now, as Friendcaster is missing tons of feeds in the news feed.

Those are good for watching your feed and adding status updates, does nothing for managing friend requests, groups, events, etc.

Ever since Handmark purchased "Flow" and converted it to "Friendcaster" it has just gone down hill, IMO. They jacked up the price for the pro version and don't release enough updates to fix bugs and when updates do get released, there's another bug. Admins on the Friendcaster forums blame Facebook for continuing to change their security settings. I say quit pointing fingers and fix the f***ing app!! Right now, it's the official FB app or Friendcaster. Official FB app is still garbage after the latest update (1.6).

Hey Facebook, if you want the Android army to stay with you. Fix your lousy app and bring it up to par with BB & IOS facebook app.

Is this Android Central or Social Network Central??

I understand the GooglePlus coverage but I really don't care about facebook news.