Samsung Gear Live

While we wait to get the Samsung Gear Live that is being handed out to attendees, we caught up with Samsung to get a first look at their latest wearable. What we see is something that looks and feels pretty familiar.

The Gear Live is almost a mirror image of the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. The Gear Live doesn't have a button on the front bezel, but otherwise things are the same. You've got the same brushed stainless steel face and integrated lugs to attach a strap. Both watches are the same thickness, with the same charging port in the same location. Finally, you have the same band and clasp it's an exercise in familiarity — and that's a good thing. Samsung's watches are built like they would stop a bullet.

When it comes to the software, though, everything changes. The Gear Live runs on the Android Wear platform, and will incorporate all of the goodies we say in this morning's keynote address. Of course, much of that goodness is yet to be developed, hence Google handing out devices to developers. From what we can see today, the software seem snappy, and wiping away demo notifications was quick and easy.

We're excited to get our Gear Live tomorrow, and we'll run it through the paces, but we can tell you now that if you were a fan of Samsung's style with the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, you'll like what you see here.


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Eyes on with the Samsung Gear Live


Samsung has not released the Tizen upgrade for the first Galaxy Gear for users in the USA as yet. Boy I wish they would give us the choice to put Android Wear on it. Wishful thinking I know but it would be something I would do in a heartbeat

I'm right there with you! I would load Android Wear on my Gear and be fine.

Until the Moto 360 comes out that is.

Can't wait to see how long the battery life lasts and to hear how it stacks up to current Smart Watches such as the Gear 2 Neo.

Samsung press release says "full day battery". So its pretty bad compared to tizen gears.. which lasts more than 3 days

Posted via NEXUS 5

Can't decide between this and the G Watch. Can't wait for the 360 so either of these will hold me over till the 360 finally gets released.

I have the original Gear. I used the camera twice. Once to test it. A second time to take an actual picture of my kid. I've not even thought about using it again. And it was actually kind of a pain to use it when I was actually using it for a reason. Which may be the reason I pull out the phone when I want to take pictures now.

I've never had a bluetooth wearable that didn't cause health problems. Have used two fitbits, one withings. All three I've had to return, and the only common denominator between them is bluetooth. And all three caused the exact same problems. I'd get an Android Wear watch to see if it caused the same problems, but the 15-day return window is just too short.

Bluetooth is simply 2.4Ghz Radio frequency. The protocol isn't going to cause any health issues. I suspect blaming Bluetooth is a bit presumptuous. You also didn't explain what you man by health issues. Maybe it is personal and you would rather not talk about it which is fine. But the only health issue I have heard of being associated with Radio exposure is headaches.

I would also point out if Bluetooth is a problem because of the 2.4ghz band it uses then wifi on any device would probably be just as bad as well.

Does this only work with Samsung phones? On Google play it specifically states that this watch works with "Samsung" phones... I'm confused

Same here. Google Play says it's compatible with all Samsung devices, but it also says compatible with 4.3 and higher. I think I like the Samsung better than the LG.

Found the answer on the Samsung site: The Gear Live can be paired with any Android device running Android 4.3 or higher for a truly connected and personal mobile experience.

I just bought my gear 2 now debating if I should return it just in case if I decide to switch from Samsung

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Do the people in these forums not read anything above what they type? The watch band is a user-replaceable 22mm band. There's not a button or camera on it. It's compatible with any Android device version 4.3 and above. It uses bluetooth (what else would it use, anyway, thats as convenient as bluetooth?).