The app that makes Sammy's latest wearable tick

Mobile World Congress

With the new Samsung Gear Fit comes the Gear Fit Manager for the Galaxy device it's attached to. While we weren't actually able to give it a full and thorough hands-on at Mobile World Congress – this demo unit didn't have a connected Gear Fit close at hand – we did at least get chance to take a quick look at it.

The Interface is very much in keeping with the new look Touchwiz on the Galaxy S5 with a very flat, very brown look about it. It basically does for the Gear Fit what the Gear Manager app does for the Galaxy Gear and Gear 2. Manage clock faces, wallpapers, connected apps and notifications all from within this one application.

Nestled in the settings menu there are also a couple of helpful motion activated actions such as waking the Gear Fit by raising your arm and Smart Relay to view your Gear Fit data on your phone just by picking it up. We're pretty excited to get the Gear Fit on wrist and put it to work, but we'll have to wait until April for that. For now, take a quick look at some of the Gear Fit Manager app a little further below.

Gear Fit Manager Gear Fit Manager Gear Fit Manager Gear Fit Manager


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Eyes-on the Samsung Gear Fit Manager application


This will be the device to get. I had thought I wanted a full-fledged smartwatch but this device, with its attractive and elongated screen combined with basic notifications is all I really need on the smartphone end.

The fitness functions are merely icing on the muffin! Good job Samsung and HTC? Eat ur heart out!

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I completely agree. How do you think you'd wear it? It looks like the only way is "under" your wrist. If you were to wear it on top, I feel like it'd be very awkward to look at. If this comes in about $100 I'd get it almost instantly. Otherwise, I'd be hesitant, as I'm not sure my next phone will be from Samsung.

Can the rooting community make it work with any device?

I think we'd all be lucky if this fit between $150 - $200. I would imagine the magic $199 price tag is coming. The FitBit Force has no glass, no major processor etc and sells for $129. I don't see how this comes in under $150. Samsung doesn't sell it's products at a loss.

I'm curious as to why they are undercutting the sales of the new Gear with this device. It seems to me they could have released this, left the current Gear on the market, and done an even greater refresh of the Gear based on the response to this. I own the current Gear and while I like it more than most, I am seriously considering swapping it out for this. Why would I consider the new Gear?

Rooting is not possibe as its not android or tizen but a "house blend" of Sammys.

I would wear it PROUDLY on top of my wrist so everyone can see it and marvel at its awesomeness.

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I agree - not sure how to wear this. I am not a fan of wearing a "watch" under my wrist, but with the display oriented the way it is, I don't know if on top of my wrist would work either. Maybe someone could develop a vertical watch face, so for 12:00 it would have 1 at the top, with 2 underneath, then 0 0, so when I look at my wrist it has the numbers one on top of the other instead of beside each other. Then i guess you could orient the icons/notifications the same way and have "vertical" scrolling instead of "horizontal". Do that and give me some internal storage so I can save music, connect to my bluetooth headphones so I don't have to have my phone with me at the gym, then sync my workout when I'm connected to my phone again, and I'm in... Wait, I think I just described the Gear 2... But all that would be awesome in this form factor!

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That gives me enuf time to save up! I'm budgeting $250 so this is just enuf time....

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Samsung and all the fluffy application providers who FORCE applications on us need to find a way to quit doing that.

No I'm not going to root my device.

I paid for the effing device...I want the option to install or NOT install applications. Thanks for listening.