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Quickly add, delete and modify your Google Keep items in a new window

We haven't heard a whole lot of news about Google Keep since it was launched just a few weeks ago, but if you are a Keep user then we've got a handy little Chrome extension that may appeal to you. The aptly named "Google Keep Extension" in the Chrome Web Store isn't fancy, but it does provide a pretty neat way to get at your Keep items. Rather than keeping it open in a new tab at all times, this extension gives you the option to open Keep in its own small window either by hitting a quick launch button to the right of the address bar or from a right click anywhere in the browser.

Developer Paul Eiche is quick to point out that without a proper Keep API there's not much else that can be done with it, but this is certainly still functionality that Google isn't adding into Chrome itself just yet. Head to the source link below to download the free extension to your browser.

Download: Google Keep Extension


Reader comments

Expand your Google Keep use with this Chrome extension


This does nothing but jump me to my already open tab on chrome that is on the Keep page. Can just click the tab. :)

Nice - but why do people give their extensions such unoriginal names? It won't be two seconds before Google ask him to change the name.

I love this extension, but I just realized that Google just took it off the Chrome store. Does anyone know were I can find it? I am trying to install the extension in my son's computer so he can use it with his Galaxy S3. Thanks in advance...Matias