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We're suckers for nostalgia. And so today we're taking a look back at our 156 episodes (not counting a few special editions, mind you) of the Android Central Podcast!

And the easiest way to listen has got to be the official Android Central App! You can download or stream, right on your phone, at your leisure. 

It's a gas to listen to those early episodes. Give 'em a go if you've only recently joined us. And thanks for listening!


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Every podcast we've ever done — all in the Android Central app!


I love Android Central. I want to love the Android Central app. But I can't. Every time I try to visit the forums on my HTC One, I see thread titles, and links if any are posted, but no messages. No text. Just a white screen. To see text, I can touch and hold the display, which then turns blue and has the message text reversed out in white, but as soon as I let go, white screen again.


Change themes?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Mine only goes back to 66 or is there an upgrade?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Seriously, why would anyone care to listen to a podcast 66 issues old?

And if for some insane reason you did, why wouldn't you use some generic podcast app that can handle a whole bunch of sites?

Ah. It was a night mode issue. The type was reversing as it should, but the background wasn't changing from white to black. Toggle off, toggle back on again, and it works!

Count me in the "66" group. Where are the other 90?

Posted from my rooted S3 via the awesome new Android Central App

When will the App let me cast to my Chromecast?
Then I can read the forums while listening to the podcasts.

Posted via Android Central App

Why not use a generic pod cast app like Pocket Casts, which can run in the background? It will let you listen to a zillion different podcasts. Then there is the free version of TapaTalk, that will let you read a zillion different forums.

Your problem is thinking you need a specific app for every site you visit.

What if he only ever listens to this podcast? A podcast app would be unnecessary too.

I actually find value in the AC app but not apps for some other websites. I don't even use the AC app for the forums.

On the other hand, I have apps for some sites that blow their mobile browser versions away.