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We had an interesting discussion on our most recent podcast about the rise of unofficial app stores that make it easy for BlackBerry devices to download and install Android apps.

To be clear, we're not talking about downloading directly from BlackBerry World — which requires Android developers to convert their APK file to a BAR, signed, sealed and delivered — but these sort of gray-market (if not outright black) options for sideloading Android apps that either worm their way into Google Play's repository, or out-and-out steal the APKs for their own use.

To wit:

That last one may be the worst offender so far. I shouldn't be able to directly download my own app from some place I never submitted it to.

It's definitely something that needs to be discussed. So let's break out that portion of the podcast into an easy-to-digest 8-minute segment, shall we?

And we're not exactly turning a blind eye toward piracy on Android proper, either, folks. It's a huge problem for developers. If you steal apps — free or otherwise — you are an asshole. Please don't steal apps. Don't be an asshole.

Oh, and it's also worth noting that at the time we recorded this live, we all completely forgot that BlackBerry has updated its Android runtime to work with more apps — including the Android Central app. So we'll be submitting it to BlackBerry World, where we have no doubt it'll become the most popular app BlackBerry has ever seen.

Also, yours truly was promptly reminded as we recorded that he was thinking about the Palm Pre, not the Treo Pro, in regards to that whole back-and-forth with iTunes.

Anyhoo. There's a lot to be talked about here. And we'll keep having the discussion. Thanks for being a part of it.


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Eight minutes on BlackBerry, Android apps and piracy ...



You can also pay for and download apk's with BB10. So are you claiming that if someone purchased the app that it's also piracy? Because if you do, I have some choice words for you that are not permitted on this site.

(I just have very strong views about people / companies trying to control what I so with something after I buy it)

From where? Were those apps submitted by the actual Dev? If not, it doesn't matter how much you pay for it, that's piracy.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Actually, there are alot of Android App Stores that work on BB10.2.1 and allow us to purchase apps, therefore, they are submitted by the developer, thus, our time of pirating is slowly coming to a close. Also, the developer made native Android app stores for BB10.2.1 simply take the app from the Google Play store as long as you've got a device ID, again, the app is submitted by the developer and is not pirated.

Now that BB10 unofficially supports native APK downloading, Im suspecting pirating to go down, as we no longer have to find bar files from unofficial sources and sideload them, we can just download app stores and legally purchase apps like any other android user, only difference is we get to run 2 operating systems :D (if you download an android launcher like GOLauncher on you BB10 device you basically have a full version of android with live wallpapers, widgets and everything)

Just because you're paying for an app does not mean it was submitted by the developer or that it's not pirated.

Thats why I also implied Amazon, where the apps ARE submitted and we do ALSO pay for them.

So when someone buys a bootleg DVD of a movie that's still in theaters, you don't think that's piracy just cuz they spent money on it?

This isn't the right analogy. Heres a better one -> We are simply buying a VHS (legally) and playing it on a dual VHS-DVD player.

You guys don't realize we now have the choice to use AppStores just like you. Though we also have the choice to pirate JUST LIKE OTHER ANDROID USERS!!! Besides, the majority of the buisness oriented BlackBerry users wouldn't even be installing android apps in the first place.

Seeing as how this whole thing is about piracy, which by definition is acquiring things ILLEGALLY, then YOUR analogy doesn't fit. There is no concern when everything is done legally, above water, and by methods approved by the developer.
Pay more attention, son.

It does fit though, as he is pointing out how it is NOT piracy thus the ongoing debate.. In his opinion of course
This whole thing is about getting apps via methods that are unapproved by the developer(which is what piracy is) not about what you do once you have them!
Unless his analogy refers to VHS tapes you bought out of the back of a van while the movie is still in the theaters, then no, it absolutely does not fit. Piracy has nothing to do with how a users uses something he obtained legally, and this is all about piracy.
Anyone who is debating anything else is just silly or lacks reading comprehension.

They don't get it. When you finally make the light bulb go off in their head, they will pick out something else to argue about. 

I'm not sure why some of them are taking this so personal, Jerry, to be honest.

This debate is turning into a platform war, which defeats the fruit of the discussion, in its entirety.

If you download an app from a place that it was not intended to be downloaded from, then you are engaged in pirating. Period.

It's a simple concept, really.

Posted via Android Central App

Issue: BlackBerry fanatics just can't learn to admit things.

I used to be that way when I got caught in the hype of BB10.

Posted via Android Central App

Trust me, Kris, I understand. I used to be that way, when I first joined this site. One of the moderators (dmmarck) put me in check really quick. At times, we all take this stuff personal. We're all only human. Hell, I have a few "not-so-great" comments, in this thread, that I'd like to delete.

At the end of the day, we should all be passionate about our respective platforms, while at the same time respecting those of others.

With that said, I have no problem with BlackBerry users downloading Android apps from a legitimate source like Amazon, especially if it helps them expands the usefulness of their devices and the longevity of their platform.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

"Copyright infringement is the use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works, without permission from the copyright holder, which is typically a publisher or other business representing or assigned by the work's creator."

Jerry and Phil are absolutely correct. If we BlackBerry 10 users infringe on the copyright holder's exclusive rights then we are engaging in piracy. It doesn't matter if the app is free. Of if the app store is Amazon. Or how much superior BlackBerry 10 is to Android.

I'm don't lack reading comprehension, but think what you want. I'm just bringing up that this post is basically saying BlackBerry users only get apps by pirating, and therefore allowing them to install android apps is not the best idea. While I'm trying to tell you guys it now puts us on the same level as android users, leaving it up to us to pirate or not. We now have the choice to legally install android apps, and I'm saying this is a bad post because it focuses on only pirating, which android users can do also!

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"I'm don't lack reading comprehension"

Pretty much says it all right there, buddy.

Strictly speaking, from a legal perspective, Jerry is right.

Posted via Android Central App

No he's not. Go read Amazon's agreement with developers. He's not only not right, he's ill informed.

Please read this post.

Then listen to the 8 minutes of audio Phil has provided.

You'll find I don't have much of an issue with Amazon. Only the folks using exploits to steal apps from Google Play. But that wouldn't support your position ...

I just wanna know what you define "steal" as. Is using your Google TV's device ID to get android apps using a native blackberry 10 app considered stealing?

My definition doesn't matter. Your agreement was with Google.

By their definition, yes that's stealing.

I have a few apps. I put them on the web for anyone to download and do anything they want with them. I don't go for restrictions and copyrights, because my apps were all done for fun. In fact, I release the source code so people can learn how to do the same thing themselves.

People doing it for profit have a different outlook.

Hate to be "that" guy, but from a legal perspective, violation of the Google Play Terms of Service is a breach of contract and gives rise to damages. Under the Google Play ToS, free apps are treated no different than paid apps so sideloading a free app on an unapproved platform is no different. My law firm deals with breach of ToS claims on a regular basis (including for Amazon, Google and Apple, among others). While proving speculative damages might be difficult for free apps, it is still a breach of contract.

So Jerry and Phil are technically correct.

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You really have a position writing... that's the most amazing part of this whole blog.

So, you guys are allowed to say whatever you want, but he isn't? Is that what you're implying?

If you can't be respectful, why should we? Half of the people posting nonsense are lucky that they're not getting banned on the spot.

Posted via Android Central App

Come on. He (assumed male) was clearly fishing to get a response like that. I just obliged. I've been attacked for what i think hundreds of times in this comment thread, yet only speak like that when insulted first. 

You can see the obvious. I'm confident you can.

So incredibly wrong on so many levels. Say I make a piece of artwork and post it on my blog. I don't charge anyone to view it on my website, but is still my property. You do a Google image search and come across it and use it on a flyer to promote an event. You just stole my property.
BTW this actually happened to me and I was pissed.


Actually, you can. If you don't have permission to give it away or to take it for free, then that it stealing.

$1.2 million awarded for people stealing pictures he publicly posted to be viewed for free.

Just to let you know, free apps still generate revenue. If I create my free app to include ads for a particular platform (e.g., ads for phone cases based on the android phones that are compatible with my app), I am losing revenue, and suffering damages, however speculative, if my app is used on a platform unsupported by my software. In this example, I would want BlackBerry phone cases in the ads in my free software if I approved the software to be used on BlackBerry phones. Even assuming that my free app has no ads, you are still technically violating the Google Play ToS whether the apps are free or not.

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Typical blind fanboy behavior: calling an editor an asshole, because you have no argument.

Posted via Android Central App

Nothing offensive, just very unprofessional for a "editor" anyway... Not my argument, just my opinion

Then learn not to insult people. Maybe you'll get respect in return instead of this shitstorm Ricky.

Posted via NOT PIRATED Android Central app on my Z10

How did I insult the fellow who cursed me?

If i wanted to insult anyone on this site, you would know. I'm very good at it.

"All nine BlackBerry users".
Try again sir.

Posted via my NOT PIRATED Android Central app on my Z10

Again. Show me where I insulted the fellow who cursed me.

But now I see who was insulted. We can talk about that if you like. But if you curse me, I'll curse back :)

Though I agree with you, Jerry, you should still try to rise above these types of comments, and be more professional. You're trying to keep people here, and bring new people in... not push them away. Making a somewhat childish retaliatory comment in response to an equally childish retaliatory comment, just makes you look like as much of a dick as the other guy. If that's what you want, have at it.

Btw, I'm referring to the "you're welcome, dumbass. Your move" comment, not whatever blackberry comment you made. By all means, trash away when it comes to blackberry.

Posted via Android Central App

Fair enough, brother. You are correct, but sometimes it's difficult to turn off the "sailor speak," when you see something that irks you, professional position or not.

You know what I mean, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

Really? OK...
First of all you're right. I AM insulted by your 9 BB user remark. You have insulted EVERYONE with even a modicum of sense. Your Android brethren should be embarrassed as well.
Anyway, the guy called you a smartass because you replied to him with a useless and flippant remark. Thank yourself. If you are going to be put in a place of authority or prominence you need to learn from people like Bla1ze, and Phil et al.
Reacting with a "dumbass" comment won't help at all will it/did it?


Posted via my NOT PIRATED Android Central app on my Z10

My reply contained as much useful information as his original comment. Go on, look and see for yourself. 

The 9 user remark was a joke. I have three blackberries on my desk, and use one every day. I'm one of those 9 users too stupid to let go of a dead horse. Surprised? 

I still like the old models. Workhorses.

You'll be hard pressed to find a tech blogger (who doesn't write for CrackBerry) who supports, enjoys and uses BlackBerry as much as I do. In fact, listen to the audio attached to this post. I like BlackBerry. I like the devices. The users, well that's a different story. It seems like the most vocal ones are huge assholes, evidenced by what i see at CrackBerry's forums. 

But I love things that make me laugh, and say them at every opportunity. If that offends you, so be it.

So a blogger for Mobile Nations just called the users of a platform 'assholes', so,practice what I preach not what I do' doesn't only apply to your pirating practices?

Just some of them. If the shoe fits — and it does after the way I was "welcomed" at CrackBerry when I had information (that turned out to be 100% accurate) from Google that a few did not want to hear. 

I was quiet and bowed out at CB. Here, I don't have to do the same. 


You didn't say 'just some of them' you said users. Really, you don't have to go to journalism school, maybe just a few creative writing classes at the local community college would have probably saved all of us from having to read this mess.

I plainly referred to a small subset of the users. The most vocal ones. I can not help that you didn't comprehend what was typed and saved on the Internet forever.

So a blogger for Mobile Nations just called the users of a platform 'assholes', so,practice what I preach not what I do' doesn't only apply to your pirating practices?

So now all BB users are stupid huh? You should put the shovel down Jerry. The hole is already too deep. And... was it you who said Gplay should have Nazi content in it as well?
I bet Phil cringed (and rightly so) when that was said. I sure did, as I'm sure every other normal human being did.
Not cool at all. You should apologize in public... soon...

Posted via my NOT PIRATED Android Central app on my Z10

We can discuss censorship too if you like. I don't agree with it. Seems like you would, as long as you agree with the person doing the censoring. Some of us can think for ourselves and decide right from wrong.

And that is exactly what I said. "too stupid to let go." It's true, for me and the rest. 

Not good enough. It's called having common sense, and morals. Your boss should make you apologize, and you need training.

That would be sad if Phil or Kevin didn't take it seriously Jerry. Sad for the Nation sir, yours and mine both. I'm not going to click that link, I don't need to. You've shown your colours well enough already.

Posted via my NOT PIRATED Android Central app on my Z10

Get lost you cheap Canuck, stop pirating Android apps and get a real Android phone instead of using a poor imposter made by a company who nobody wants to buy!!

I'm hardly cheap and buy every app I want. Got a hate on for Canada? If I see a worthy Android app I'll buy it.

Oh great, now he knows how to spell unprofessional. This will lead to another great post I'm sure.

Ha Ha!! Who cares, enjoy your pathetic Crackberry existence through its slow and painful death.

That's just dumb its piracy because its not your app to distribute. Its piracy because its not your property or app. Just because its free has zero to do with piracy

Posted via Android Central App

Slip shod reporting if you ask me. Apparently they didn't even know their app is on Amazon and/or didn't read the agreement.

The idea of privacy does include the idea of money and profit; however, money and profits are not what privacy is all about. The idea of profit/money is only something that has been greatly stereotyped by patent trolls, cases where the suing party really don't mind you using their project, but want you to pay for using it.

Privacy, however, does not just encompass developers that want their products to be paid for. Some do not feel that it is a not problem if you want to side load, think like ad block plus. However, the good people at android central, feel that side loading is privacy and justifyingly so. They created the app and intended it only for android, or any other party their app specifically includes. Are you going to take responsibility when their unsigned app breaks your phone? If yes, then next problem; are going to take responsibility when it no longer works after a software update? However, what is even more important its potential of not being supported is the fact that the AC app is their invention, taking it without their permission is no different from distributing an answer key to a test to all the students, just because it was possible. In both events, one can be claimed to have helped many (one giving the average a higher score, the other giving more people access to the app), but bot have actually gone against the intent of its design.

We,as users of their site, should be respect their wills. However, this does not mean you should not ask them for permission to side load the app while one is no available on android or, even better, raid them with emails for an app on bb.

Anyway, now that I'm done bringing the fact up that just as with android users we have the choice to pirate and the choice to get them legally, we could only pirate them before.

I just wanted to say that yes, getting them from an unverified source is pirating, but I also would like to say that I doubt the developers care.( if its a free app that is)

When we pirate a free app, it does not hinder the dev in any way, in fact it helps them. The expand their userbase and they receive money because their ads do unfortunately appear on BlackBerrys also...

Amazon didn't care that we pirated their app store because they still receive money when we purchase apps from it. And the more users their app store gets, the more popular it becomes, the more money they get.

I also want to bring up the fact that though Microsoft can penalize you for pirating Windows XP/Vista/7/8 they choose not to because you contribute to their expanding user base, and you may end up purchasing from their terrible Windows 8 Store....

Terrible Windows 8 store?? Sounds rich coming from a BB fanboy. Nobody will end up purchasing any app from BB app world after its bankruptcy, lol even devs offering free apps are pissed off by Blackberry, atleast now face the reality you deluded BB fanboys.

Well I was referring to Windows 8 for PC meaning it has nothing to do with BB10, and nothing to do with Windows Phone, nothing to do with cellphones at all , I just know that the Windows 8 app store is terrible because even BB10 got flipboard before it did, and you fail to see my point... Besides if I were a BB10 fanboy I would support this post saying "why would we want virus infested apps anyway" personally android is my second favorite OS, followed by Windows 8 Phone OS then Ubuntu..firefox.. etc. And finally IOS.

But honestly your using the fact that I said the Windows 8 app store is terrible against me... the large majority of the Internet would agree with me... Find another reason to call me a fanboy, that term is used to freely these days.

Posted via Android Central App

You trashing Windows 8 store to justify the pathetic BB app world makes you BB fanboy, infact a fanatic BB fanboy, there was no reason to include that part in your statement other than making you feel good about your crappy BB appworld, Do you really think BB will last much longer, lol Microsoft can buy your beloved BB and shut it down for fun but they let it die a slow and painful death instead, Nobody bought Blackberry even after putting a "For-Sale" signboard!!

Was I using it justify our crappy app store? I don't recall.. I just giving an example saying Microsoft doesn't really care about people pirating Windows Operating Systems, because it expands their user base, then I continued by saying they may make money in the end because we might buy from their terrible app store.. now explain where BlackBerry came in any of that.

Posted via Android Central App

piracy is unauthorized copying and distribution, the cost of the app is irrelevant to the definition. of course if damages are sought, the price would be a factor, but that doesn't not make it piracy.

Interesting conversation and obviously, I'm slightly biased because I do have an Android device but also several BlackBerry 10 devices but I don't see it as piracy. Is it piracy when someone downloads an APK for use on Android if a developer puts out an app only targeting specific devices?

Take for example Instagram launched, it wasn't available for all device yet people were downloading the APK and installing it on their device because they KNEW it worked, just Instagram hadn't included their device. To me it's the same thing, BB10 devices aren't supported by the dev but people KNOW they work so they download it, install it and live on happily.

Is it a fine line? No doubt. But it happens all the time in the Android world as well. People run APK's all the time they're not supposed to run on their devices. No one cares then. As long as there isn't any apps/people exploiting paid apps as downloadable for free then what's the fuss?

"Is it a fine line? No doubt. But it happens all the time in the Android world as well. People run APK's all the time they're not supposed to run on their devices. No one cares then. As long as there isn't any apps/people exploiting paid apps as downloadable for free then what's the fuss?"

That's just as bad. For real.

Google plainly doesn't care. But plenty of other publishers and developers do, and they then take time away from making the app better and working on more devices to add in checks so it won't be pirated. Netflix comes to mind, as does every single Gameloft game.

Why wouldn't Netflix want their App Pirated? You guys look at pirating too harshly. Yes it is pirating, but am I not contributing to the Netflix userbase, making the app more popular, more popular, and paying theee? 7 whatever dollars a month? Netflix is simply silly for wasting time to stop pirating IT CANT BE STOPPED! There will always be that one guy in Switzerland with a file called Netflix.APK on his USB ready to put in on The Pirate Bay.

Jerry I respect the hell out of you even though you and I sit on different social political fences. So I must say I do not do this to be inflammatory or to be a smart ass but you seem to be preaching one thing but doing another. Kind of do as I say and not as I do type of thing. Your post Quick and dirty how-to: Android 4.4 on the Nexus 4 (step by step) seem to violate some of these policies. (That happened to be front and center of AC Phil) The section "These extra apk files that I probably shouldn't be sharing. Unzip the file, copy the folder to your Nexus 4's SD card folder" This appears to violate everything that you gentlemen are talking about here and this was front page on AC. So are you saying it is okay to distribute apk files from large corporations but not small struggling developers? Don't get me wrong I appreciated the post and used it myself I just feel we are getting mixed messages from the AC staff and that does not help in the confusion. If I am wrong please tell me I can take it. Thanks for what you guys do! And just a FYI I am referencing the following post...

That was absolutely "piracy." I said i shouldn't be sharing them. 

I thought long and hard before doing that. I know Google doesn't care very much, and in the end I thought it was best to share how I did it. But yes, I knew I shouldn't be providing a link to download Google's stuff without permission and did it anyway. I'll accept any repercussions that come with no complaint. 

Would not be the first time I got letters in the mail and web hosting deleted. I didn't complain those times, either. 

Okay the hypocrisy is astounding. Promoting piracy and then condemning that which may not even be piracy. BlackBerry promotes debugging and testing of apk. Woe unto him that says otherwise.

Good thing I wasn't looking for "cred" then. Spend some more time around here, and you'll see that I don't much care about saying things to make other people happy or to impress them.

When anyone, including myself, distributes applications that they have no license to distribute. That is piracy, and in many cases illegal under US law.

I understand this. It seems like many others don't. 

Stop thinking that this has anything to do with you as a user. It's about the redistribution that may violate any agreement with the developers of the applications.

I'm sorry about that then.
Jerry, I know damn well what piracy is and so do you. I just find the hypocrisy here astounding. That pisses me off and you don't have to care. I get it. Just knock off the "holier than thou" crap. It's not working for you.

Posted via my NOT PIRATED Android Central app on my BlackBerry Z10

And you're using Jerry's one-time hypocritical posting of an App that he acknowledged even then he shouldn't have been doing as backup for the 'piracy is okay' camp. Which is simply bullshit.

Jerry, I think you're right that most people don't understand the potential consequences of pirating stuff (it's great that you do), but in the light of the discussion above, don't you think the name-calling ("If you steal apps — free or otherwise — you are an asshole.") in the article is a bit much?

Don't get me wrong, I love AC (second thing I read in the morning), and I really respect you and Phil, but I think that the aggressive tone of the article takes the focus away from the information in it! That particular sentence would not have been out of place in one of Phil's "From the editor's desk" pieces, because it is pretty apparent that those include a healthy (and fun-to-read) dose of the editor's opinion.

Also, there really are mixed messages coming from you guys. In a comment below Phil says about piracy: "Same here. I'm sure we've done it in the distant past. But we don't do it anymore."

And then you go and say "That was absolutely 'piracy'. I said i shouldn't be sharing them."!

I hope you understand that my issue is not about piracy (it is bad - I agree), but more about this article and AC's stand regarding piracy.

Lol, I'm not an editor, but I know babysitting comments can be a crap job.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, it is, if you don't own the rights to redistribute the app.

If it doesn't work for a specific device, ask the developer why. Rally folks in the forums (or wherever else) to do the same. But you don't gain the right to redistribute just because you don't like the way it's being done.

You have said that the AC app is on Amazon. Amazon have come out and said that they don't support BlackBerry but feel free to use our store.

So, with permission, we've downloaded the AC app to our BlackBerrys. Yet that's stealing?

So downloading freeware apps off the internet, that were solely designed to run on PC machines only, and running them on a MAC with a PC emulator must be stealing then too because the developer surely didn't design it to be run on a MAC.

So downloading freeware apps off the internet — that the developer put on a webpage for free distribution to everyone — 


Amazon is a legitimate distributor. They have had apps submitted to them by the developers, not by random people who snagged the .apk. These other sites are not legitimate distributors, they and the people downloading apps from them and submitting apps to them without proper ownership are pirating software. What's more, the distributors are making money off of other people's work.
This isn't a complex concept folks.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

This. These third-party app stores are making ad revenue, by hosting apps that were probably not legitimately uploaded to their respective stores.

It's not a difficult concept.

Posted via Android Central App

Plus, paid apps on the Amazon Store for BB10 users work as well. So the developers are getting paid if the BB10 users decides to download a paid app and is using the Amazon App Store.

And that's perfectly fine. Playbookster reached out to Amazon and "confirmed" that BlackBerry users can obtain apps from Amazon without any legal issues. So, I wouldn't consider that privacy. However, these other app "stores" are sketchy and using these should be questioned.

Posted via Android Central App

Not if the agreement between the developers and Amazon didn't mention BalckBerry, or say that "we can do whatever we want with your intellectual property."

Amazon can't redistribute applications they do not hold license to, without an agreement with the people who do hold the license.

They absolutely can. You might want to re-read the developer agreement with Amazon store. Have a feeling you will need to back pedal quickly.

If they have that agreement, then they can.

Which is exactly what I said. I'd never submit any of my own apps to Amazon, so I have no idea of the details there. I only know that they have to be detailed.

They do. And they are detailed. You don't submit there? Looks like you'll never be getting any of my money. Too bad, I pay for apps.

Still going to put that time bomb into the AC app submitted to amazon so it doesn't work on BlackBerry? You said you were going to and now you have been rebuked, with us advising you Amazon allows us to download their store and get apps off it.

Listen to that again. It wasn't about Amazon — which has it's own separate version. It was about our Android app for Google Play.

And it was followed with me saying we absolutely need to get our app into BB App world so anyone who want's it can have a copy. 

So does this mean that the developers must make a list of every single android device they want to allow and specifically leave out BlackBerry? I don't know for sure on this, but don't they just say supported OS and screen size and stuff? Meaning that my BlackBerry that basically has android on it runs the proper OS and therefore is supported by the developers that Agree with Amazons whatever agreement that I don't wanna bother reading

Posted via Android Central App

I am a nub here but a regular poster in the BB forums.
For me the Android run-time on BB is just like a virtual machine which we run or if we run on our laptops or servers to emulate several Operating systems. The run-time emulates the Android version and I believe that along with the run-time comes the right to install an app.

For example I have an HP server and install VMWare and on top of VMWare I install the Windows OS, of course I need to purchase it. Now I can download and install any other app which is capable of running on windows and meets the hardware requirements.

Installing an Android app on BB is similar to what I have explained.

So download any and every app that developers offer to you and enjoy!

But people stealing them from Google Play then telling you where you can get those stolen apps is what we're talking about here.

Again... it is not stealing, it is similar to downloading an app from the windows PC store and running it in a virtualized environment. I am just guiding someone to go there and download it and run it without making changes to the app / source code.

The maker of the virtualized environment should not be liable as to who uses the source code as long as it is free. We as techies give work arounds all the time, so this is nothing new, as long as the work around is not altering the source code.

Ya. That's what I said earlier.

He tried to say something else then added FTFY.

It was either "fixed that for you" which what I said wasn't broken to start with. It was the same as what you said..


It was eff that eff you. In which that wouldn't be very nice now. LOL

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

Removing them from Google Play in direct violation of the license you agree to when first using the service, or side stepping that license completely, is stealing.

Use legal methods to get your apps. Then run them. Look at the way BlueStacks does it for an example.

5. License Grants

5.1 You grant to Google a nonexclusive, worldwide, and royalty-free license to: copy, perform, display, and use the Products for administrative and demonstration purposes in connection with the operation and marketing of the Market and to use the Products to make improvements to the Android platform.

5.2 You grant to Google a nonexclusive, and royalty-free license to distribute the Products according to the publishing options selected by you on the Product upload page of the Market.

according to the publishing options selected by you on the Product upload page of the Market.


Thank you for proving my point. Part of those options is explicitly selecting which authorized Android devices have access to your application.

That's just about what you might have chose. The point here is can you use an app in a virtualized environment and if it violates IP?

BB may have got into an agreement with Google to run Android in a sandbox and that is absolutely legit. Any app which does not have that excluded device will be shared with third party.

Now someone downloading and converting your apk to a BAR file is piracy. If it is being used in the same runtime without changing it is not piracy according to me.

If the developer chooses not to let his app to be run on BB its fine and his app will not run as expected on BB.

I am interested in knowing what is the excluded device? :)

But pulling the apk file out of the repository at Google Play is also piracy, unless you're using one of the authorized devices to do it. To use Google Play, you're asked to agree with these policies. If you don't agree, you aren't permitted to use Google Play. 

Many users who download the apk file from the folks doing the above aren't even aware they're installing apps harvested this way. It's not the running of them in an emulator that is the problem, it's the initial pulling them from Google Play.

The one device in that screenshot was the Droid Pro. The app looks funny on that squarish screen, so I just excluded it.

Doesn't ANY device initially download the APK and then unpack and install it?

It isn't like Steam, where the unpacked game files are downloaded directly.

Google Play would upload the APK files to the Android device where they are unpacked and installed.

By your logic, this is the problem as well. Then every Android device with access to the Play Store violates this.

From the ToS: "Basic Use Requirements. To use the Service, you will need a Device that meets the system and compatibility requirements for the relevant Product, which may change from time to time, working Internet access, and compatible software. Your ability to use the Service and the performance of the Service may be affected by these factors. Such system requirements are your responsibility."

Now, to run an Android app, a device needs a JVM. The Samsung Galaxy S4, the Nexus 4, and the HTC One to name a few; all use Dalvik.

The BlackBerry 10.2 devices use...the Dalvik JVM as well. So the system and compatibility parts are sorted.

Internet access...duh.

Compatible software? This is where there might be some hiccough. It all depends on THEIR definition of "compatible" is. Snap and DROID Store are both compatible in the sense that they do not store the APK files, merely provide a means of getting the Apps.

This is all such a stupid issue though...there is a bigger fuss about this than torrenting movies or downloading songs.

I don't care if it is technically illegal, I'm going to do it.

Google isn't going to sue me and neither will the App devs; and if they block my account from the Play Store...I know many ways around that.

For some reason, I can't reply to your original comment (typical, lol).

Anyway, that's an interesting "take" on it. What you're essentially saying is that:

A) Due to BlackBerry's devices using the Android runtime, they're no different than a "skinned" device (e.g. HTC, Samsung, LG) running Android apps.

B) BlackBerry 10 devices are Android devices, at their core, despite the presence of BB10.

C) Based on "A" and "B," BlackBerry devices shouldn't be discriminated against, in regards to access and support from legitimate Android app stores, if the terms of service are being agreed to and respected.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Blackberry has offered numerous times to help you port your apps over, if you don't want to then your loyal customers are going to find a way to get your apps. if anything feel good that people can't leave your app behind. honestly would you rather lose a customer/user than have them just get your (free) app somewhere else?

sometimes phil you need to take matters into your own hand

Its not piracy to you because it effects you directly. Yes its piracy if you distribute or download the app without permission from the owner.

Posted via Android Central App

Do you guys think it bad to use non google play stores to download apps in general?

I think it's bad to generalize.

It's simple: if I haven't given you permission to distribute my app, you do not have permission to distribute my app.

Posted via Android Central App

In China don't they have to use a third party app stores because they don't have google play? Does that mean they're all pirating?

Depends on how the third party app stores are getting their apps. If developers are posting their apps to the stores (like with the Amazon Appstore) it is not piracy, if the stores are ripping the apps from other stores (without developers agreement) it is

Posted via Android Central App

So does this mean all Blackberry users who sideload .apk's from some pages are pirates? I'm just asking, because on the Crackberry forums they more or less encourage you to sideload to experience the best of both worlds. I did it myself with some free apps but none of them worked for me properly. In the meantime, I traded my Q10 for a Note 3 after I learned that sideloading is by far not the best of two worlds.

If the developer has not made it available for side loading, then yes, that's pirating.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

So you're argument should be directed at the app stores, correct?? If developers are that upset, they should contact these stores and request the removal of their apps. Or they can keep them there and have a larger customer base. If a paid app works on BB and we can't get access on Playstore, I would be all for my app being offered to a wider audience if possible.

I've always had a problem with BB doing this it not only devalues their own ecosystem but it kills their chance at getting devs to develop natively. I know for damn sure if my app is distributed illegally on a platform I did not consent to lawsuits would follow.

A lot of free apps have ads and ways to make some money as far as these illegal downloads go I doubt there is anyway to collect from ads or IAP which again just hurts BB and devs relationships even further. BB should put an end to it obviously its being used for reasons they didn't intend at least I hope.

Posted via Android Central App

You're absolutely wrong. Ads continue to operate normally and the developer collects all ad revenues. And as far as your threats to sue regular people for downloading a free app, you'd be laughed out of court.

Though...who would you sue?

You can't sue BlackBerry because they implemented the Android JVM so that developers could test, port and QC their apps.

It was not done so that apps can be side-loaded by everyone and their Grandma's.

You can't sue the thousands of people using your would go broke just in legal fees long before you saw cash (If any) from that.

Pro-Tip: The ads work. Mediaclip (an App whose existence violates the Google Play ToS despite them accepting it) is rife with ads; annoyingly so!

I'm just saying...we should be reasonable about these things.

I'm not saying that side-loading apps isn't illegal...I'm also not saying that it is legal. I'm saying that I don't care...I just want to use the thing. I'm happy to pay...I just want the service.

Haha, somebody double-tapped the submit "button."

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Boo hoo. That's what happens when you have an open source OS that anyone is free to use. What Android fans should be ticked about is that many Android apps run better on a BlackBerry 10 device than they do on an Android device.

What does Android being open source have to do with apps being stolen? I venture to guess that a vast majority of apps being pirated have no open source components at all. The apps and OS are two completely different things.

This. Upon reading the CrackBerry forums, there are many apps that appear to either "run like crap" or not function at all.

Posted via Android Central App

Okay, I'll play ball, Bla1ze. Can you name at least five?

Posted via Android Central App

5? No because honestly I don't run a lot of APK's on my BB10 device.. I have Android devices for that but I can give you 3 based on my personal experiences with them. People using different devices are obviously going to be effected differently.

  • Astro Boy Dash - Runs slow and sluggish on my HTC One but runs fine on my Z30 with 10.2.1 (However on my Note II it runs fine)
  • GifBoom - Runs dreadfully on my HTC One, runs fine on my Z30 with 10.2.1.
  • Gunman Clive - Has weird lag on my Note II, runs fine on my Z30 with 10.2.1

My fitness pal runs better on my Q10 then it does on my nexus 7. I can't stand it on it.

Add fitocracy,RD client, shazam no doubt and kijiji to that list as well

Name 10 apps that run better in a virtualized environment than on a native platform.

If you can't, then that statement is pure fluff.

If you're basing your statement off of Android years ago, then I might agree with you. However, Android is a lot smoother in performance than in the past.

Posted via Android Central App

Mate, both Jelly Bean and BB10 run Android Apps the same way. They are both running the Dalvik JVM.

They are both virtualised. Neither are native.

What I will do is when my Fiancée gets back on wednesday, I will run apps on both her SGS4 and my Z10 and see the differences. Though I did notice that GTA 3 and Iron Man 3 were both smoother on my Z10.

GAWD! You useless Firewall! Then again...I probably shouldn't be doing this at work. haha

or the problem could be solved by android ceasing to make their apps compatible with blackberry all together...

In theory that sounds like a good plan but it doesn't really work like that. BB10 is essentially running Android, so it would be rather hard to implement. Not saying it can't be done but it would require a lot of heavy work.

Wouldn't Phill and or Jerry just have to up their compatibility to 4.3? Then no BlackBerry users would be able to run it until BlackBerry updates their runtime.

I suspect we'll be seeing something in the description of the AC app on the Play store to read...

"The following devices are not authorized to run this app. Doing so is piracy. ...."

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

would limiting the APP to 4.3 really affect most of the android devices out there? seeing how most android device aren't running that, or won't be running that without forcing it onto the device.

The blackberry 10 device run 4.2.2 right out of the box.

I'm not encouraging that method, it is just a means that hit me.

I hope AC still "allows" future app updates to run on BlackBerrys. If not, I'll get over it

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

Well someone over at CrackBery reached out to Amazon about running their app store on a BlackBerry. They (Amazon) didn't consent but they also said to enjoy their services. So, at that point is Amazon consenting to piracy, as long as they get people to use their services?

I understand piracy = bad. I pay for rhapsody, pay for Netflix and Amazon prime, etc. But to play devil's advocate, how is this any different then when AC, encourages it's readers to hop over to xda or wherever, to download the newest Google play store version or how to sideload Google wallet to bypass Verizon protocol. Those aren't coming directly from the app store. Isn't that in and of itself piracy?

Posted via Android Central App

Same here. I'm sure we've done it in the distant past.

But we don't do it anymore.

Posted via Android Central App

One grey area is sideloading OTAs. Google didn't give you permission yet to load the OTA, but has occasionally made the factory image available

Posted via Android Central App

Ok, now that "we all know it," what happens next? They've admitted to doing it; I don't see the reason to keep holding it over their heads as a crutch.

I used to pirate movies. I never once got caught. But, one day, I stopped pirating and deleted all of the movies.

I admitted that I'm wrong. Should that crutch still be used against me, even after I stopped pirating and admitted my fault?

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Ok, Jerry, to continue down this rabbit hole, how can AC post such an inflammatory article about the evils of piracy and yet support it at the same time (since you are 100% against all of it, I'll exclude you. This may be more for Phil, that green lights such articles)?

And not to add too much gasoline to the fire, but isn't downloading roms another form of piracy? When I put CM on my og evo, I had to sideload the Google play framework to have access to the Play store (which included gmail, maps, etc).

Posted via Android Central App

Where do we say we support it?

Don't Pirate apps. I don't know much much more simply to put it.

Posted via Android Central App

Phil/Jerry, please understand, that I don't mean any disrespect. One of my closest friends is a QA tester for 1Louder, and previously for Handmark (which I'm sure you are familiar with both). Piracy hurts the lively hood of all developers, from the big companies, to the weekend warrior code monkey. I was just pointing out, that from past articles, it could be perceived that AC was condoning piracy, but only when it was in defiance of carrier guidelines, that didn't seem reasonable (Google Wallet only available for Sprint), or if you wanted to cut in line to get the latest Google Play app update, instead of waiting for the OTA. Whether or not you supported it, the argument could be made that you were providing the means to do so.

Rabbit hole indeed. I had much respect for you Phil until this article. True colours shown now eh? To the knob that said "all nine BlackBerry users", you are unprofessional at the very least. And... just what is the message here?

Pot, meet kettle. For shame AC.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm the knob.

And that program was so users on AT&T phones could load apps from Amazon or otherwise legally obtained.

Kettle, meet helmet.

Great job Jerry, now you only have the other 8 BlackBerry users left to piss off.


My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I saw one of them in the wild last night...I'm pretty sure it was wearing a GPS tracking tag, so RIM could follow its migratory patterns.

If you would have checked the ear tag you could have told us which of the 9 it was..

That article was about legitimate application markets, where developers have uploaded their apps for anyone to download. 

This article is about getting apps uploaded to Google Play installed on a BlackBerry, which has no license to use them.

Just a little different. Nobody is saying not to download apps that developers have provided. Just that stealing them from Google Play — because the folks that did all the work only want it there — is piracy.

The simple fact is that a lot of developers don't want to support their app running on a BlackBerry (or Meego, or Symbian, or Tizen in case you thought you were special) so they don't provide them. If you take them anyway, that's the definition of piracy. Do it if you like, but don't pretend it's anything else.

I do not use those gplay apps. I buy my music and movies. I do not care if I get no support for an Android app on my Z10.
And... dear Jerry I don't think I'm special (although I'm starting to wonder about you), and have read much about all mobile OS platforms including Tizen. But who cares...
Are you saying that it is perfectly fine for me to download and use the AC app from Amazon now? Just like any non gplay device?

Posted via Android Central app on my Z10

When did I ever say it wasn't OK to do so from Amazon?

Take the time to listen to the audio Phil provided. See (hear) what I have a problem with instead of making that part up.

You stated a time bomb should be put on the android apk so it does not work on BlackBerry. This would include the app off of Amazon. Amazon is allowing us to download off their store. Wanting a time bomb so it doesn't work out of the Amazon store is clearly saying it is not ok to get it from Amazon. You only mentioned a possible submission to BlackBerry World of the app to be non pirated in your opinion

I listened again.

Still never mentioned Amazon. I've never published to Amazon, and have no idea what their agreement says. I don't talk about Amazon, because i know very little about it. It's clear if you listen to what I say, that my issue is with the people doing the stealing then distributing it themselves. I know what i have issues with — they're my issues.

But carry on. 

Maybe I shouldn't have let my Sunday boredom spew out onto the internet for my own entertainment. That was not the can of worms I was expecting with my original comment.

I cant wait for the ac app to get to app world. That being said, I think it wont beat out cb10. Also what does crackberry kevin think about this?

Posted via Android Central App

This article got me to go to Amazon and download the AC app on my Z10. Thanks!

Posted via Android Central App

Well, according to them, you are a thief anyway.

Unless you are a developer and obtained the through the legitimate channels, you stole the OS and are continuing to obtain apps through the merits of theft.

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

Yes, I am a horrible thief for asking Amazon if it's OK if I can do this on my Z10 and they said yes, enjoy...
I'm a bad bad boy...

Posted via Android Central app on my Z10

That's not actually what they said. They made no mention of Amazon in the podcast.
But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good rant right?
And people wonder why I think Crackberry Fanbois are assholes...

It's hilarious, how some people are so quick to play the victim or resort to insults.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

We'll be sure to change your signature so that it says "Posted via my PIRATED Android Central App on my BlackBerry 10 phone"

My policy is two weeks. If a free app has a paid version, and I am still using the freebie, I buy the paid. Even if I don't need the features. Being a developer I understand what goes into crap like this and a buck or three isn't too much to ask.

I have yet to pirate one. Was tempted to try a launcher out, but came back to what I said before. I know what goes into this.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

"So we'll be submitting it to BlackBerry World, where we have no doubt it'll become the most popular app BlackBerry has ever seen." C'mon now know better than to say that. lol It won't be.

the only people left in the 1.7% market share blackberry user base are the lowlifes and bottom feeders.

You sir are ignorant and an idiot for making that kind of blanket statement

Posted via Android Central App

Meet Gekko, he's an asshole and a racist.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I wouldn't use the word hate, but he definitely says some questionable things.

Posted via Android Central App

I would. There's no one I've come across on any of the affiliated Mobile Nations sites that's a bigger sack of dog crap. Last week he was calling Chris U a polack.

I would just say flat out banned, bit he would just be back with a different sn

Posted via Android Central App

Guys, this is the idjit that yells at HTC 's CEO via the forums.

And more than likely the clouds..

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Don't allow blackberry to use your apps. Or charge $5 per download. I bet you they would pay a premium to have them. I know I would.

Posted via Android Central App


I have it on many devices. I like it....not $5 like it though.

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

I wasn't talking about the android central app. I wouldn't pay anything to use it. I'm talking about apps in particular. Android debs should charge money for free apps on BlackBerry.

Posted via Android Central App

And how, exactly, is someone supposed to stop piraters from putting their apps on BB?

I think the correct way to handle this is that the BlackBerry users request the developers if they would post their apps to the BlackBerry app world, or give them permission to install the apk. In that case it is up to the developer to decide.
If they get flooded with requests they could add a remark in the app description stating they are (or are not) okay with installing the apk on BlackBerry devices.

Posted via Android Central App

What about apps I have paid for? (Purely devil's advocate as I don't have a BB device myself).

Suppose I have bought Application X. Now I am switching from my Android device to a BB 10 device. I can take the APK of the app I purchased off of the Android handset, and pop it onto the BB 10 device. Is this a problem?

If my new phone had been another Android, I could have simply re-downloaded it from the Play Store, with essentially the same effect (the app I purchased being on two devices).

Is this piracy in practice, in spirit, both, or neither?

As always it depends on the license agreement when you bought the app. I am not sure what distribution license is linked to the play store.
But you could take it further, what if you bought an app on your Android and move to iOS (or more likely vice versa). You would also need to repurchase the app

Posted via Android Central App

I imagine it would also be important to read the entirety of the license agreement devs sign when they agree to have their content on the Play Store.

When it comes to iOS/Android though, the only thing really holding you back is the inability to run the app. What about something like a Kindle Fire running a sideloaded app from the Play Store? Then there's also cross platform app stores like Steam that allow you to download a game on any platform it is released for.

I'm really kind of curious if the topic is the application of the rules, or the spirit of rules that is being damaged. I completely understand why developers would take issue with this, but I also question how fair it is to limit somebody with an item they have legitimately purchased.

Reminds me if the FBI warnings at the very beginning of every VHS movie...wait, recording media like blank vhs tapes, cassette tapes, cdr's, dvdr's, and so on have existed along side official content...I wonder what the official laws are on application distribution? Or if any exist at all...

Posted from my "CrackDroid" Nexus 4 via the Android Central App

Question for you guys.

What about sideloading stock android apps (the camera)? Piracy?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

all depends on the developer/manufacturer; its really hard to know for sure unless they explicitly tell u. privacy laws are often a bit vague. The advice i can give u as a fellow android users is, if you have doubts don't do it

think like this, samsung did not want people to be able to root devices and requested Google to help them prevent it (google complied); however Google has chosen to keep nexus devices only clicks away from being a bootloader unlocked.

Well we are talking the stock android camera that is striped out by the OEMs and replaced with their own.

I every once and awhile like a photosphere so I have the stock camera loaded in for that purpose.

Are you sure your talking about Samsung there? I never had an issue rooting and Roming any of their devices...

Welp! I feel good about this. First time in my life I'm not considered an asshole!! But call me an asshole for not paying for music tho, cuz that ain't happening over here.

Posted via my Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

I'm sorry guys, but if everything you do in your life revolves around ensuring every "grey area" is avoided, you may as well wrap yourself in a bubble and never leave the house. I think I'm a model citizen that pays my taxes and works hard at my job, but I think I probably do something mundane and borderline illegal every day like jaywalk or listen to something uploaded on youtube that I didn't pay for. Big effing deal.

This just sounds like protectionism at the fanboy level instead of the state. Unless you can do something about it to enforce it, it will continue to happen. And clearly, the authorities in charge do not think it is a critical or damaging enough of an issue to do anything about it. "You can't have what's mine!"

Solution if you are butthurt? Don't make your app free. There is a pretty strong discouragement from the folks at Crackberry towards any sort of stealing of paid apps. I paid for PocketCast (a steal at 4 bucks) before sideloading. So is the dev going to refund my money now and tell me to uninstall it from my Z10, or is he going to be prudent about it and enjoy the fact that his/her app is getting more exposure without any additional effort?

So you're calling everyone who pirates an asshole? I guess you would be included yourself since everyone does it. Say what you will but the only reason piracy is as it is is because of the greedy MPAA, RPAA and those greedy corporations. I believe everyone should get to do whatever they want, even if it's "illegal".

Posted via Android Central App

If you didn't create it don't change it bottom line thieves and if you want to go about it the proper way don't be a sneek thief

Posted via Android Central App

@pirate arr---So I can shoot you in the head? Your ok with that?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Lol no, I meant everyone could do what ever you wanted on the internet. Whether it be looking at porn, downloading music and films from torrents, or watching films on free streaming sites. Internet censorship doesn't help either. Another cause for piracy.

Posted via Android Central App

im quite sure u didnt mean even that, think of what someone can do with ur internet info ... credit card, bank account, email.

but i do agree there are some things in privacy laws dont help with

There's no middle road, it seems. It's a tough stance: you either advocate for censorship, which encourages piracy (almost rightfully so, in some cases) or you advocate for Internet "openess," which also encourages piracy.

In many cases, Piracy encourages content creators to decrease the amount of content they provide, instead of offering said content for a more affordable price to compete with the pirates.

It's a lose-lose situation, whether you're the person paying for or pirating content, or the actual content creator.

Posted via Android Central App

it is a grey area. I dont do it with apps or with programs. I do do it with TV and have no problem getting digital copies of movies or music that I own.

It is a tough call without a doubt.

I'd be okay with that.
Not everyone pirates. Some of us actually pay for the goods and services we consume. Typical thief mentality, convincing them self everyone else must do it so they feel okay doing it themselves.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

True, not everyone pirates. I do pirate but I also used to pay for everything including TV shows movies and music from iTunes, when I was all iOS , but iTunes walled garden didn't help. So I bought a movie from iTunes and I couldn't watch it on, say a android or blackberry phone? What gives if I bought the movie yet can't play it on my other devices! Plus it doesn't help with the limitations some products have like the device is not really yours.

Posted via Android Central App

You bought the movie accepting the terms and services, which are that you can only watch it some places.
You're just a sad dirty thief trying to make his selfishness seem somehow justified.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I disagree here. You buy a movie, you own the rights to watch it. Should not matter where, or on what device as long as I don't show it for profit.

I really don't get why BlackBerry should publicly denounce apps like Droid store/Snap. They're not available in BlackBerry World for a reason and we sideload it to automatically perform what's available through some Chrome extensions as mentioned in the podcast.
From what I get in the Podcast, BlackBerry should never have made it dead easy for android apps to run on BB10 and continued with the previous strategy that required side loading and basically hit a brick wall with a lot of big name developers.
I'm actually happy its gotten you folks upset and I hope those big name developers get upset too.
BlackBerry is a company on the ropes and desperate times call for desperate measures. They've mainly empowered their users to take the battle into their own hands if they wish. In my opinion, there is absolutely no (reasonable) reason why Instagram can't port their Android app and submit to BlackBerry World. It runs pretty darn well and is definitely better than the beta app that was just released for Windows Phone!
I could go on, but... *End Rant*

RE: Instagram.

They don't want to right now. For whatever reason, they just don't want to. It's their decision. Silly IMO, because if it works they should just submit it to BB App world.

But I'll bet all the stealing of the Google Play version makes them even less enthusiastic about it. They clearly do not care about the BlackBerry market share. But they probably do care about how their intellectual property is getting used.

If their intellectual property is not being abused, do you really think they are going to care??? More users and no code had to be written? Seriously, these companies and "valued" by subscriber rate. To add millions more at no cost to them.. perfect!

I have no idea why they don't want a few million more users. I would think that was a good thing for their business model.

But they don't. 

Re use of their intellectual property, I clicked on a Lexus ad post I saw on Instagram yesterday...
In the famous words of the great contemporary musician Drake, they should Thank Me Later.

@uzigunz: agreed. A good reason why BlackBerry is going down under is primarily because of the lack of applications in blackberry world. Personally with it being so easy to sideload android apps to blackberry, blackberry should endorse it. Could be great business to them

Posted via Android Central App

Its really not their place to endorse it in an official capacity, I understand how it can lead to a slippery slope situation. But in my opinion this gives them the ability to work out an official alliance with an Android app store( if possible).

What about those have have been loading the precious BBM apk onto their Android tablets? Did BlackBerry authorize that? The hypocrisy is astounding.

My son's Nexus 7 runs BBM like a dream.

It also runs really well in Bluestacks too. Huh. BlackBerry hasn't authorized BBM on a PC yet. Hmmmm.

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with BUHC.

Quite a corner Jerry has painted himself into eh?


If you use one of the many methods to steal applications uploaded to Google Play, then make them available for other users to download, you are likely breaking the law. Phil has linked three offenders in his post.

You, as a user, aren't the focus of this problem. If you can't get your head wrapped around that, nothing anyone says can help you.

Lol. Ain't nobody waiting till you upload the app to BlackBerry World tho. Just cos you butthurt hypocritical folks are so mad I just downloaded the app direct from 1mobile to comment on this. Deal with it.. BlackBerry10 will use android apps everyday, all day.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry z10 beeeitches!

You downloading Android apps (with no shame, might I add) is only proof that you (and others) have no confidence in BlackBerry's ecosystem or its ability to affect a turnaround of its current position.

It's actually hilarious: a BlackBerry fanboy that hates Android (like most of them do) is proud to run Android apps, versus supporting the few developers that actually care about his/her platform of choice.

A confused soul, indeed...

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Don't need to go to 1mobile. It's on Amazon. Android gave Amazon the right to redistribute as Amazon see's fit. So Jerry won't be able to call you a pirate if you get it from there.

:waiting for the sound of a palm hitting a forehead to come from direction of Jerry in 3..2..1...

Have I yet?

My only comment about Amazon was to say that they need license to distribute. If they have it, they are good. But carry on.

What about that code you wanted put in the android apk so it wouldn't work on BlackBerry? Even though the apk would be in a place that is legitimate for BlackBerry to download from (amazon).you don't want an app to work on a BlackBerry from a legitimate source. Clearly just anger against BlackBerry running all the apps.

If I can cut through the piracy arguments for a second and formally request, as one of the 9 remaining BlackBerry users, that you release the AC app on the app store. I may even pay for it as some have suggested.

I loaded the 10.2.1 leak and messed around a bit before reverting to the official build on my Z30. I tried some of these app stores with mixed results. I do not have any of these running any more.

The fact that you can do all this is highlighting the demand there is from BlackBerry users for your apps. Why not release your app on a platform where there is demand for it?

BlackBerry is clearly desperate, willing to do whatever it takes to hold on to their dwindling marketshare.

Hey why are you guys allowed to curse and shit over here? Tell those CB assholes to let us curse.

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