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We're two days away from heading out to the Google IO developer conference in San Francisco. But no rest for the wicked. It's a working weekend. And that means one thing: A notes column!

  • My tl;dr predictions for Google IO (look for a more thoughtful piece on Monday): 7-inch tablet, preview of Jelly Bean (no code drop or anything though), hopefully some news that'll keep Google TV afloat. Plus a bunch of Chrome and other non-Android type stuff.
  • Speaking of Google IO ... Can't wait to meet all the great devs and other attendees. It's cliche, I know, but it really is the coolest part of the week.
  • That and seeing Jerry's beard in person.
  • Here's a good one from CrackBerry Kevin, a couple hours after he bought a $200 Vuvuzela app. "Oh, cool! You can get refunds on apps?" Me: "Oh, right. Yeah. In the first 15 minutes after purchase. I probably should have mentioned that sooner." Whoops.
  • I'm still very much enjoying the Galaxy S III. I'm not crazy about TouchWiz, sure -- the design just doesn't live up to the sophistication of the phone itself, nor does it complement Ice Cream Sandwich all that well. And I'm also not jazzed about Samsung putting a menu button on the phone. (LG's done that as well, as you'll recall.) Should be some interesting discussions on that this week. But the design of the device itself is excellent.
  • If you've yet to listen, we recorded Episode 100 of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World last week. It was epic. Listen now!
  • We're starting to hit our stride with accessories reviews. Some of them you can purchase straight from us at Some we don't carry, but they're awesome anyway. Point is, we're you're No. 1 source for all things Android -- not just the things our stores sell. And that's pretty cool.
  • The Newsroom premiere was good. Classic Sorkin. OTOH, it cribbed and expanded on an early West Wing episode. But who am I to judge? Loved it.
  • The best part about having a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico is ... Wait. Scratch that. It sucks.

See y'all from San Francisco this week!


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From the Editor's Desk: Gearing up for Google IO


This is way more exciting than WWDC! That was a disappointment. I can't wait for Google I/O! Is there any live stream? I want to see Android 4.1 Jellybean and other stuff Google has to show.

Last year I ho-hummed through your I/O coverage, because at that point I was pretty sure I'd be getting another BB, and Android was just something cool but too in-depth and "geeky" for me to ever enjoy.

Fast forward to today. I've had my Gnex for almost 3 months. It took about a month for me to go from "stock ICS is fine, I don't want to break warranty" to "what the heck, I'm gonna root this thing for fun" to "Hey look, AOKP's got a new build out. I'll have to flash it!"

So yeah, I'm excited -- but more curious to see what I/O has this year, because now it actually makes sense what ya'll are talking about.

Oh and Phil? you might want to invest in a couple dry-bags for all your gear ;) Safe Travels!

Oh come on Debby isn't much more than a good afternoon Florida thunder popper, just lasting a couple hours longer that's all.

That new search bar portends Majel in 4.1 for me. The fact that we don't have a huge wish list for Jellybean says a lot about how mature Android is in terms of features. Still some stuff to want, but we've come a long way.

If you're going to be flying out of PNS anytime in the next 2-3 days, I'll say (as a meteorologist) that I'm kinda worried about your itinerary. Good luck with it nonetheless!