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Having been in public testing for a while, popular iOS Twitter client Echofon has now become available in the Google Play Store. We're still on the beta build though, it hasn't yet shed that tag. It doesn't -- on the face of it anyway -- appear to be further along in the build process than the beta version we previously looked at, but being available in the Play Store is the right way to get it onto devices. 

We're pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to Twitter clients, but despite being late to the party on Android, Echofon has a long standing reputation on that other platform. The developers, Naan Studio, also recently discontinued their desktop applications to concentrate solely on mobile. It's a well designed Twitter client that despite being in beta performs really nicely. The design is very much Android 4.x but is available for everything running Android 2.2 and up. 


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Echofon for Android beta now available in Google Play


Wow, I didn't know people where concerned with app download size anymore. Well I guess so with all those 8GB Nexus 4s now...