Ebay's recently launched barcode app, RedLaser, now provides local shopping results. Partnering with Milo, when users scan a product, they will be now able to find out which nearby retailers have it in stock and who has the best price. This app can be very useful around the holiday season when searching for better prices.

Find links to download the app after the break. [Business Wire]



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eBay's RedLaser app now gives local results


Please do not support eBay, they are a horrible company who do not care about their customers, the sellers, they constantly jack fees up so high now that you can't make money no more. They also make unfair rule changes that screw sellers more in the end.

Seriously? Since you are on this web site, I would imagine that you have some sort of smart phone running a version of ANDROID OS. GOOGLE owns eBay, and has a MAJOR role in the OS that is on your smart phone. Therefore, you have already supported eBay. Research much?