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The official eBay app recieved a much needed update just a few days ago, bringing a much improved visual experience and some new features depending on where you are in the world. Now though, v2.0 has been recalled, and replaced with an 'update' to the previous version of the app, which is now live in Google Play. There isn't much clue as to what the issues may have been -- unless you experienced them personally -- as eBay is being a little vague at this time. Whatever it is, must be something pretty big. Opening the application now greets you with a message as we see here, and has been accompanied by an email from eBay which dropped into our inbox this morning. 

By now, you have probably noticed that we experienced an issue with the latest version of our Android app. As a result, we have temporarily replaced the latest version with the previous one. We value our customers and regret any inconvenience. Delivering the very best shopping experiences to our customers is our goal – anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Thank you,

eBay Mobile Team

So, there's no choice in the matter, even if it worked perfectly OK for you. To carry on using eBay on your Android Device head on over to the Play Store and grab the latest -- and previous -- version. In the meantime, what issues did you guys see? Sing out in the comments below and share with us all. 


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Ebay pushing an 'update' to previous version of the app, v2.0 has been recalled


I had an issue with it. It would repeatedly tell menthere was no network connection (despite every other app being able to get a connection to the internet). Every search, or menu movement would result in the eror message, occasionally causing me to be booted back to the phone's home screen. I had the issue on both my phone and tablet. It started when I upgraded, and ended the moment I was forced to downgrade.

The app was very strange when I got the update. After I got the notification that it had installed successfully there was an immediate pop up saying that the app had closed/crashed. I tried to launch the app and it would not launch at all. Restarted my GNexus and still would not launch. I uninstalled and then reinstalled it and it's fine now.

Yea, ran into this as well during the downgrade. Thought it may have messed with some save file the app was using so I did the uninstall/reinstall and it was fine again.

Same for me-I'd keep getting a message to the effect it had stopped working, even though I hadn't actually launched it. Fixing permissions and clearing caches did not solve the problem, so I had to load the old one again. Why do I feel like a beta tester?

The update that took me back to the previous version crashed all over the place and drained my battery like crazy. I uninstalled it and reinstalled a fresh version of the app from the play store. All is well.

Same here. Guess the revision didn't replace certain files and stuff properly. Had to uninstall and reinstall to get it working again.

Huge problem : was unable to open "my ebay" account if password was too long, and many major crash at launch, needed to clear datas to reinit app.
This update to previous version is now stable, waiting for new debug version so.
Don't know who's in charge of validation at eBay, but should get a new job :)

I had force close on my Jelly Bean devices ( GSM GN and Nexus 7) but it worked fine on my One X which is stock ICS 4.04.

got a message after running the update the saying 'your version of the app is no longer supported?
Had to unstall reboot and still caused problems till ebay withdrew the update

I had an issue, too. Mine wouldn't even open. Forced-closed every time I tried to run the app on my VZW S3. Glad to have the old version again.

Yeah same with me. You'd think a multi-billion dollar company like eBay would learn to do some beta testing or something before rolling out a major update.