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It appears that not only consumers are getting excited for the possibilities with Google Glass (and wearables in general), but also the Dubai police force. According to a report over on Gulf News, the force will soon use Google Glass to issue fines on the spot to motorists, as well as quickly identify wanted vehicles. The headwear is currently undergoing trials by the Dubai Police Smart Services Department.

Google Glass is a handy tool, which could be utilized effectively in this case. The device is capable of taking photos, recording video, accessing the web and providing directions, to name but a few functions. Photos captured by officers would be uploaded into the central database immediately, while other apps would aid in daily police tasks (including the detection of wanted vehicles).

The aim is to make the Dubai police stations smart, while providing officers the tools to become 'smart police officers'. You too can pick up Google Glass if you happen to have $1,500 lying around.

Source: Gulf News

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I do not think Glass is ready for such use yet and I can't help suspecting that the UAE would use these just because they're expensive

fuzzylumpkin says:

And I suspect that you've hit the nail right on its head.

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Minority report

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Vizualize says:

Im going to start a database with unmarked police cars, state and federal buildings, and cops that have been suspended for assault or violence. Citizens will be able to wear glass and auto recognize federal, state, and military vehicles and buildings. Glass will also facial recognize politicians, cops w/ badge #, and give you info on if they are have ever been suspended from the job for violence/assault. It will also coach you on your rights if you ever have an encounter with an individual from the state or federal police.

vpblaze says:

I would pay for this!

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Me too!

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pludgate says:

No you won't.

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Mac58 says:

dont pull my leg

MarkSeven says:

It'll probably be outlawed. They don't like to be treated how they treat us.

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dadathepanda says:


The panda has spoken

Warrenisit says:

I'd pay top dollar brother.

Consumers are getting excited?

dadathepanda says:

Are they going to use it to ensure optimal placing of the whip on your back for the most ridiculous "infraction"? Or to ensure the foreign workers never get out of the work camps?

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