Drunk Green Robots

What's more fun than playing a game on your Android phone?  Drinking while playing a game on your Android phone, of course.  Enter Drunk Green Robots, a new app from fiveHellions development.  It's easy to get started, just grab a friend or two, a bottle of Kentucky's finest (or less than finest works, too), and your Android phone.  It's the high/low black/red game most of us know, but instead of using a deck of cards you use your Android.  

Dares are included, and the less risqué package is free to download, but the raunchier and more sexually explicit ones require an in-app purchase of "shots".  You get 100 shots for a buck, and ad-removal costs a 100 shots as does the "naughty" dare pack.  It's not going to break the bank.  And everybody knows being naughty is always better while drinking, right?  Anyways, you take a turn guessing if the next card will be higher or lower than the current, or what color it will be.  If you're correct, your turn ends and you pass your phone to the next player.  If you're not correct you win lose and have to either take a shot, or a random dare.  I'd recommend the shot, but to each their own.

It's silly, it's fun, and involves getting hammered.  If you're of age (stay safe kids), check out a few screenshots and grab it for free using the link after the break.  Try not to drop your phone.

Via: Android Central games forum

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icebike says:

For those of us without a Moonshine Still in the back yard, this could get expensive.

kylosma says:

This will make for a really entertaining night tomorrow. Cheers Jerry.

tucamsam says:

Let's go Mountaineers!
Sorry...gotta say it since the logo is right there.

khughes6 says:

YEAH BUDDY!! First thing I noticed. MountaineerNation!

You a fan or go to school there??

TrueKing84 says:

Born and raised in West Va. Neer's all day.

tucamsam says:

Born and raised a fan and went to school there

evaradar says:

Ah I see it has ICS support.

MorphWVUtuba says:

Perrenial top ten party school, mofos! LET'S GO!!!

dfb8085 says:

this sounds great. ready to get falling down sloppy drunk