Dropbox today announced a brand new app for handling photos called Carousel. In it, you'll be able to instantly back up pictures as you take them to the cloud, share photos with friends, view images by date and location, and leave comments on photos shared by friends.

Though the core Dropbox app has handled instant camera upload and back-up for some time, and even had dedicated views for images in the web client, spinning off the functionality into a separate app is a new twist, and vaguely reminiscent of Evernote's ever-growing plethora of in-house creations. In addition to Carousel, Dropbox today also announced the launch of Mailbox for Android and a beta of Mailbox for OS X.

The Carousel app will be going live on Android and iOS today. How many of you are already using Dropbox to back up your mobile photos? Do you have the need for a dedicated app, beyond what's already available?

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Dropbox's new app Carousel aims to organize all of your photos


Is this 30gb of new space or including your Dropbox allowance.. And will my pictures be backed up on both Dropbox and carousel?

Posted via Android Central App

seems very cool but it looks like it's just another way to get me to buy more dropbox storage...

thinking about it at least. ;)

Be warned. As soon as you start this app and log in it creates a new folder on Dropbox and starts uploading your entire camera roll. I already have my pictures backed up on Dropbox to several folders using Dropsync but this app decided on its own to upload all my pictures again to it's own folder. I had to quickly log out of the app and go to Dropbox.com and manually delete the newly created folder. Then I uninstalled the app. The features of this app really should have been integrated with the regular Dropbox app. I thought I would be able to select a folder on Dropbox to sync with this app like I do with Woven.

Yeah me too was surprised with that.. What the hell just started backing entire camera roll without asking.

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It would be nice to exclude folders, like the folder screen shots are in. That just clutters up the app for me.

They're not taking away the Dropbox auto-upload, right? I don't need/want Carousel (and from the sound of the comments here, the "UPLOAD ALL THE THINGS!" move is undesirable)