We've already seen how doubleTwist makes it easy to listen to your music and watch video over AirPlay devices from your Android phone or tablet. Today the company has decided to release an update that allows rooted users to stream Google Play Music to AirPlay devices as well. They also wrote a blog post to tell us how they are making it work.

Google Play Music uses a whitelist of approved applications that can use a streaming API. It's the same API used for Chromecast, and most recently Sonos. doubleTwist isn't on that white list — and we don't know why — so they devised a root-only app that can edit it to add themselves.

You install the $2.99 Magic Play app (see the Google Play link at the top of the page), launch Google Play Music, tap the cast button which now asks for root permissions. Once granted, force close the Google Play Music app and upon restart you should see AirPlay devices in your list.

We can't help but think circumventing Google's approval process is not going to please Google — or the content providers — but presumably someone at doubleTwist has considered this. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, and what Google's reaction will be.

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doubleTwist's Magic Play brings AirPlay support to Google Play Music, but only if you're rooted


Does anyone use any type editors anymore?? The use of "listen to you" sounds so ghetto or backwoods as hell, learn to read over your article before submitting please.

Android needs a built in way of elevating privileges so we don't have to root (I'm talking about the process; I know root is elevated privileges).
These aren't phones. They're computers. I have ways of getting elevated privileges on computers I buy, and same should hold true of my Android devices.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I agree but I think that'll come next year with the development of "phones" that we'll be able to put together ourselves. Hopefully, anyways...

A couple posts down on their blog they detail how to record iTunes radio. I don't think they give a damn about what Google or the content providers think, lol.

If you are already rooted, I see no reason to buy this app and not AirAudio. This one will stream local media and I guess now from Play Music, but AirAudio will stream from any app.

I always forget about all these other media players.. Google Music really just took over as my go to player.