Pixel Touch Drawing App

The Touch Drawing App puts the touchscreen on your Pixel to use

Googler and Chromium Evangelist François Beaufort has released a little Chrome app that gives you a chance to put your touchscreen to work. Aptly named Touch Drawing App, all it does is present a canvas which you can draw on with your finger or a stylus. 

Yes, it's pretty basic, and not something that will make folks rush out and spend $1300 on a Chromebook Pixel. But we have to start somewhere if we want great touch-based apps in Chrome, right? Besides, it's fun and free -- what's not to like.

If you have a Pixel, or any touchscreen laptop with the Chrome browser installed, you can grab it at the Chrome Web Store right here.

Via: +François Beaufort


Reader comments

Doodle on your Pixel's touchscreen with this simple drawing app


I think the Pixel hardware is gorgeous, but this just makes me sad. $1300 for an Etch-a-Sketch. Just screams disposable income.

Amen. Why is this even a story? It's not android, Chrome has bupkiss for market share and this is a very sadly simplistic app.

And the pixel... Urgh. Speaking as someone who hates Apple and practically worships at the altar of Google, I'd buy a Macbook before I bought a Pixel. It's half a computer at a full computer price.

Oh, to answer Jerry's question "What's not to like?"

$1300 for a computer that isn't a computer without an internet connection. My 4 yr old netbook has more storage. And more functionality.