Domino's Pizza app for Android

Domino's pizza has been a vanguard of mobile pizza ordering, what with their Android app that lets you order on the go — and now they're going even more mobile with Google Wallet support. Announced this morning, the app has been updated to support payment via Google Wallet.

If you happen to order yourself a pizza or two — at least $10 worth of Domino's — between now and June 15th with Google Wallet, you'll be granted a free Specialty Chicken. Yep, they're branching out. Paying with Google Wallet, chicken that's not on pizza, what is this world coming to?

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Domino's Pizza will now let you pay with Google Wallet, give you free chicken


Sigh to bad the closet one to me is near VCU,

Pretty soon the pizza snobs will be around.

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This article is obviously link bait. All the pizza hut fanboys are going to start whining

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I guess its time to go into the stores and see if tap n pay is available.

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Google wallet slowly making progress. This is good. Free chicken and free delivery with my Amex card.
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Domino's will give me a free chicken, huh? Too bad the city I live in has regulations against keeping one.

Unless you're growing your own food, and raising your own animals, you're ingesting poison as well. Don't fall for the Organic label. If you don't know exactly where your food comes from, you're just bleating.

I wish I could grow all my own food. And have a farm with my own animals. No GMOs No pesticides No growth hormones no antibiotics. But I can't so non GMO, grass fed and organic is the next best thing.

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keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. i'll stick with fresh meats/fish/poultry, vegetables, and fruits. and if i want to cheat and get pizza i'll go to the neighborhood corner Italian guy's shop as opposed to some shit national chain serving garbage to people that don't know any better.

I think he's being prejudiced against Bostonians. Or Matt Damon.

If Damon Wayans married Matt Damon he'd be Damon Damon...

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Tried twice to pay with wallet over the last two weeks, both times the app locked up and was unable to process the order.

Both times paid with the AMEX and saved the delivery fee.


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I ordered a pizza using wallet on their app 2 weeks ago, maybe it was just a soft rollout of the feature? Sure was nice and convenient. Maybe too convenient!

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Google wallet or this offer lol? The chances are we'll get wallet eventually, it's actually been pre-installed on the N7 and N4 since launch, just disabled. It's active now though which is a good sign.

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