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First today we had coffee and now it is pizza time, yummy. Domino's dropped us a line today to let us know that their new application for the USA is now available to download from the Amazon App Store. The free app will allow for a whole range of features including the following:

  • Order delivery or carryout
  • Store locator
  • Full menu including build your own pizza
  • Use of coupons
  • Domino's Tracker

All this talk of food is making me hungry.

Download the Domino's Pizza App


Reader comments

Domino's Pizza USA app available in the Amazon App Store


This is the kind of app I download, buy the pizza, then delete. I am glad they have one available as ordering stuff through a desktop version can be a pain if places have a lot of dropdown type menus.

Its been in the play store for awhile. Wish they would use our location instead of typing it in

Dropped the Amazon Appstore once I continually noticed 10 - 15% battery drain without even opening the application.

I was a supporter of their service but they are pulling data or something to eat up that battery, plus the application was getting very slow to use. I had the same issues with my Galaxy Nexus, Xoom and Transformer Prime.

On a positive note the Dominos app works well and just because you order a pizza once in a blue moon doesn't make you a fat ass.

Yeah I got that from the play store a few months ago. It's just like the web version with order tracking and all. And the Philly steak pizza is not garbage.