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Does Google need a physical storefront? Nexus 10 Tablet thoughts [From the Forums]


I'm not sure why ANYONE needs a storefront these days.

I learn far more about any products online... and get far more ACCURATE info than I ever did in local stores... from (totally uninformed) sales people.

And then just purchase online... and at 25%-50% lower prices.

You can certainly continue to buy your products from local stores... but I'm not sure why any smart person would. To keep the stores open for 3 more years? 2 more years? 6 more months? What's the point?

Like it or not... the inevitable is coming: It's called "shopping online", perhaps you've heard of it.

On one hand if I worked at one I would love the tech side of it but I would want to shoot myself for dealing with idiots that try to root and have no idea what they're doing and possibly brick or soft brick their phones and call me stupid for something they messed up