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While it's easy to overlook the Amazon Appstore's daily free app picks, we'd be remiss if we failed to mention this one: Documents to Go, the powerful document editing app, is today's featured freebie. Regularly priced at $14.99, Dataviz's full productivity suite can edit and create Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, and can also read PDF files. The full version offers customization options and syncing with your Google Docs and your desktop files. Nice way to kick off a week of bargain shopping if you ask us. Hit the source link to grab it before it expires tonight at midnight. 

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Documents to Go is today's free app from Amazon


They also gave away Office Suite Pro, which is the best of the three I've used. Better editing controls, pinch to zoom works better, faster document load times, etc. Free is great, and if you don't have one already this works, but definitely use Office Suite Pro if you want the best.

^^Hell yeah...That would be helpful. It's hard to decide on one when they all appear to do the same thing. Maybe they've compared these in a thread in the application forums.

I agree. This past week was Finals week at Ohio University. My exams sucked... But, Time Warner went down. Without my droid bionic and LapDock I don't know how i would have studied my notes, which are on Google docs. Reading lecture notes (.pptx) had to be done through an app so i definitely agree an office comparison would be tight.

They all have there pros & cons. Personally I like Quick office because of its ability to sync with DropBox, OfficeSuite5 does sync with google Docs if I'm not mistaken but I don't use google Docs. It really boils down to which of the doc editing apps best meets your needs. With that being said, I have all 3 of them Docs2Go, Quick-Office & Office-Suite thanks to Amazon free App of the Day

I had the same issue. Turns out that the "Free App" is actually just the key to unlock the full version. So, now that you have the key, search the Amazon App Store for Documents To Go and download the app itself.

you don't actually have to use Amazon's App Store for the full app. With the free key installed, you unlock the full version even if you get it through the Android Market. Personally, I prefer that since Amazon's apps don't get updated as frequently in my experience...

After trying to install this and failing, it finally tells me Amazon App Store isn't supported in Canada... Dang :-(

I pulled all three from Amazon but haven't played with any of them yet. But overall 45 bucks in 3 free apps is nice to have in general.

Holy schnikes I'm glad I checked AC before leaving work. Gotta remember to open the Amazon App Store every day...

I agree office Suite pro to me is the best of the 3 released so far. Next up Polaris then we can compare them all. lol.

If your going to do a comparision you need to include "Smart Office" by PICSEL. This software has been around as long as all the others and was always the fastest and nicest for viewing. I'm not sure how well it's holding up now days compared to the others but it is worth checking out.

Has anyone been able to get it to fully work with CM71? On mine, it won't detect the external SD card (emmc on CM71). This makes this and Quickoffice useless to me as i keep everything in my external SD card. I prefer Quickoffice as it can sync with Dropbox.

Right now i am using Office Suite Pro. So far it is the only office suite that will detects my external SD card on CM71.