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Another great reading and RSS option to pick up where Google Reader left off

When Google Reader finally closed up shop we saw a scramble of replacement services crop up, and now Digg has launched its Digg Reader Android app to accompany its RSS service. Just like another familiar RSS service Feedly, Digg Reader offers syncing of RSS feeds tied to an account — in this case Google, Facebook or Twitter — and serves news to you on multiple devices.

The app is basic, clean and seems to perform well. You can browse around through popular stories without an account, or after signing in add feeds by content type or specific URL through a search function. The basic article view gives options to favorite, view on the web, digg and share out to any service and seems on par with the other apps out there. Naturally unread counts and favorites sync between your devices and on the web

Backing up the app is the Digg Reader web service, which has a very similar look to Google Reader and Feedly, with options to import OPML files for new users and a few other basic tweaks.

If you've yet to settle down on a news reader after Google Reader, you may want to give Digg Reader a look. You can grab a download of the app from the Play Store link above and visit the Digg Reader website at the source link below.

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Digg Reader app hits Google Play as another RSS service choice


Did y'all forget bout the tablet y'all are suppose to be giving away for hitting over 100,000 downloads of Android Central which congrats guys!! Lol jw

Posted via Android Central App with Samsung Galaxy S4

From my personal experience, I rate Feedly far above Digg's reader. But I rate InoReader far above both of those (overall experience, not just mobile app).

Not at all from the couple days I've tried to use it. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see where or how to add RSS feeds. I've connected my google account but as reader is gone there's nothing to sync. No import options as far as I can tell either. This just seems to take the top digg stories and list them in one long scrolling list of cards, which btw doesn't remember where you left off.

I must be missing something obvious... do you have to set this up from the Digg website?

I feel this is a classic approach , rather very pleasant and neat .....felt some what sluggish while swiping between article .....finally digg has made very good app

Posted via Android Central App