New test Music app

As we first told you last night, a developer test Market has surfaced, along with a new version of the Music application from Google.  Here's your (and mine) chance to get some hands-on time with both, as they have been leaked out in the Android Central forums.  Your're warned to have a full backup before trying these, and mentions a few different methods to install them.  On stock Android 2.3.3, they both installed and overwrote the normal system apps, but your mileage may vary.

We also have a bit of new anonymous information about exactly what we're seeing:

"As for the test bed it is actually the android developers market related testing site for new versions of the market, security fixes, and the new in-app billing.
Gallery 3D & Desk Clock are not available on gingerbread devices, Camera v12 is a redesigned camera that only has a different icon and background color inside the app. And the Android Music Store can only be accessed if you have an android music account."

As I said last night, it's pretty cool to get a peek behind the scenes of Google's closed-source stuff, even if most of it isn't that useful.  You can find a link to both the Market and Music app at the source, with no guarantees how long either will work -- so hurry, hackers :)

We also have a couple more pictures of the Music player after the break.   [Android Central forums] Thanks, Anonymous!

New Music player 2  New Music player settings


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Developer Test Market and new Music app leaked


posted this on the forums, might as well do it here...

On my Nexus S - 2.3.3, it upgraded my stock music app, and I gotta say, so far...I'm not impressed! I already hated the way the background changes color in the stock gallery app, and this thing does the same thing, it just seems unnecessary. Google should definitely add an option to change that. I haven't found a way to get that 3D side-scrolling album view. Also, how do you edit the tracks in the play-queue? Old player and pretty much every other player on the market gives you that option! - this is the main reason I deleted Amazon Cloud player, no way to edit the play queue.