The Daily Show takes on Google Glass: 'Do you hear what you're saying?'

The Daily Show has turned its satirical lens onto Google Glass. Stories of Google Glass Explorers getting attacked, harassed, and expelled from venues are nothing new anymore, though to the average person seeing somebody walking around with Glass, it can be a touch unnerving. As Comedy Central's The Daily Show is apt to do, they dug into that uncomfortableness with comic results.

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Of course, The Daily Show's take on the whole thing is one of absurdity. It's The Daily Show, we'd expect nothing less. But they are also exploiting real concerns about Glass and the soon to be wave of similar "face computers".

"Except our cameras have red lights on them, big crew guys operating them, you signed a release for a national TV show… otherwise, the exact same thing, yeah."

The majority of the piece, not to mention the concern with Google Glass, centers around that: the camera. To make the absurdist point, correspondent Jason Jones wore a cobbled-together headset with an iPhone, instant camera, and microphone, and then walked out in public with it. The results were, as you can imagine, amusing — people aren't going to look at such things as 'normal', and while headsets like Google Glass might someday be part of the norm, it's not something that the public at large is necessarily comfortable with at this time.

And it doesn't help that The Daily Show picked up some Glass wearers that were all too willing to push the bounds of what would be considered acceptable by actively recording when out and about. Not that it's any different than people doing the same thing with a cell phone — it's just that you can use both of your hands.

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The Daily Show takes on Google Glass: 'Do you hear what you're saying?'


I still use my Logitech Revue every single day. I find it MUCH more useful than chromecast, and a few other streaming devices too

Except that a lot of organizations have already adapted it into their programs/businesses or have announced plans to do so...

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Either these types of devices will need to be available to the masses so everyone could be recording everyone, or they will need to add something that indicates when the camera is active. Sure, people can do that now with phones, but it is a lot harder to hide the fact you are taking a photo with a big block in your hand. Glass is so integrated, you can easily claim you aren't recording anything.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if our future is like Futurama and the eyePhone.

That's why it's a prototype. No one said it was ready for primetime and I hope you didn't think it would be when you bought it.

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Glass has a use, Glass is not for everyone, and some that have Glass and use it in unnecessary situations...

I have to admit, I think a red light to indicate recording would have been a good idea, but then people would just complain about something else.

Yeah, like it can still be rude as hell, still be dangerous, is still creepy, and that red light would be immediately disabled in software hacks or someone would just simply put something over it.

(And that is not to say that tons of people aren't rude and dangerous with cellphones too, because they are.... it is just a matter of extremes).

So, they start off showing images of real racial injustices only to follow immediately with showing a room full of entitled white people whining about a toy. hmm.... I stopped watching 'cause I don't see the humor in that.

You can tell me to lighten up, but I think that was done in poor taste at best.

It depends on whether you know them well enough to judge them as "entitled." I'll just run this line of thought through to its logical conclusion.

If you don't have enough basis to claim you know the people you saw on TV well, you have "pre-judged" them, which is the exact meaning of "prejudice." Since you would have pre-judged someone based on their *race* (you specified "white people" instead of just "people"), that would be "racial prejudice," which is a synonym of "racism."

So, yes, you are, by definition, a racist. And you tried to justify this racism by saying your racism is not racism because it's "a truism." "Truism" is synonymous with "cliché." Using a cliché to justify racism doesn't excuse it.


Anyone who can afford to spend $1500 to help Google beta-test a gadget is either entitled or foolish.

Plus, entitlement can be extracted from their comments within the piece. Their very words and attitude brings one to that conclusion.

I don't understand what you mean by entitled. If you mean by entitled that they don't believe they should be assaulted because they are wearing glass in public, well I think everyone should be entitled to that. If you think entitled means that they simply have enough money to afford glass...well I don't think that would be an appropriate definition.

As for foolish...if the device gives someone $1500 worth of happiness...well I wouldn't exactly call that foolish.

I would beta test the self driving car if I could afford it, I'd love not to have to deal with traffic sometimes. I wouldn't go down a highway in it, but to the store and errands around my area

The whole purpose of contrasting those two things was to make it EXTRA clear that those people are whining about something stupid and feeling "discriminated against" when they wear Glass in public is not at all real discrimination.
It astounds me how many people find the concept of satire such a foreign thing. They couldn't have made that point any clearer, yet you somehow still managed to miss the point. If you still don't get it, and why contrasting those two things was a smart thing to do, then I seriously have concern for your ability to successfully navigate the life you live. I'm sorry if I'm coming off sounding like a dick. But dude... You're trolling, right?

I'd hate to see what you actually think is funny. If you didn't think that was funny you are either a glasshole yourself or bereft of a funny bone.

holy crap, no matter what the topic, someone has to be offended. You don't need to lighten up, just go away. You are ruining comedy for everyone. damn

It's because the people wearing Glass were claiming to have "hate crimes" committed against them. Daily Show was showing how ridiculous their claims were.

I hate having to explain comedy to people.

It's because the people wearing Glass were claiming to have "hate crimes" committed against them. Daily Show was showing how ridiculous their claims were.

I hate having to explain comedy to people.

Weird. You're literally the only person alive to think the bit was not funny.

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It's called Satirical comedy and I'm sorry so many people's asses got hurt because I don't find the beginning to be even remotely funny. Thus, the reason I stopped watching (as I said in my OP).

I'm with you sir. I can understand how they are trying to make the case of what's real harassment, versus this, but it was done in poor taste. Point, blank, period. These other people in claiming it's only comedy wouldn't have that same thought if that was them or the family getting abused and harassed like that. The Daily Show could have found another way to get their point across.

You would probably hate Mel Brooks then. I'm sure movies like Blazing Saddles must be sickening for you. And better stay away from Tarantino also.

And Benigni's "It's a Beautiful Life", which won Best Picture, is probably tasteless crap to you.

Comedy often tows the line of offense.

To me it screamed of someone who is older and complaining about those kids and their new technology. Which is funny, because many of the folks on the Daily Show are considerably younger than Stewart, but that was still the feeling I got. People used to laugh and make jokes about people with smartphones too, people got paranoid when they started adding cameras to phones as well. They eventually calmed the hell down and got over their fears.

Don't like being recorded in a public setting? Better stay in then, because most places have security cameras recording everything you do. Hell, some cities have cameras recording outside on the street, that doesn't keep people from walking down the sidewalk. Afraid somebody might catch you saying something offensive? Don't say that shit then. Be a decent human being and you've got no problem.

You don't see any difference between security camera footage that can easily be tracked back to the establishment and would probably get a security guard fired if he posted it to the internet, vs. some random asshole getting up in your face with a camera that could be uploading directly to the internet?

It's a douchy thing to pull out your phone and record people in a bar, just like it's a douchy thing to do it with glass. Yet it sounds like you're trying to defend these entitled assholes' even after they try to compare their situation to ACTUAL racial discrimination?

Give me a break...

Is the American public not aware that it's nearly impossible to walk down just about any street in a major city without being recorded? Most bars and restaurants have cameras installed in case of trouble. Walk pass an ATM? Recorded. Traffic Cam? Recorded. Supermarket, sweat shop, whore house? Recorded. Drones. Satellites. I can sit here with my Galaxy Gear and record you. For some reason Glass is the bad guy.

I can see real applications for it with doctors/surgeons, police, etc, but for average people, it just seems ridiculous. Just rich people needing the latest technology only because it's the latest technology.

I thought the video was funny, but I don't see the problem with being recorded. If you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing then yeah. My neighborhood in collaboration with the police department is sponsoring a program that encourages homeowners to get video cameras. These are not big things. They consist of lenses the size of a 50 cent coin that are attached to the sides of houses and window sills the remainder of the equipment is inside the house. Anytime there is some crime the police ask for them to be downloaded. Meanwhile everyone walking by on the street or across the street is being recorded 24 hours a day.

Have your hands going someplace they probably shouldn''s on tape to view.

I can't tell you how many times I've been in a bar, restaurant or event and recorded it and no one knew....and I am recording with my phone inside without a flash.

So I think people need to get over themselves, because we are recorded 24 7. If they are worried, they are worried that someone will see them doing something they have no business doing in the first place.

Yeah, Glass is kind of dorky and not really a compelling product at this point. But people need to chill out with all the google and glass hate. It is definitely something I am glad is being worked on and hopefully it will become a compelling, less dorky product at some point, but not if everyone gets their panties in a bunch, just piling on for the fun of it, seemingly.

I love how many brain dead moron knuckle-dragging apes think they have a right to privacy in public, there's no law preventing anyone from recording you in public, like that woman attacking the glass wearer, I'm amazed, if someone did that to me(I'm not dumb enough to spend 1000% the cost of something) I'd break their nose.

Even with a big block in your hand, people just freak out, it's like, don't people realize there are cameras EVERYWHERE recording you without permission?

You do realize that cost of the materials don't equal the actual cost of the device, right?

That's like saying a gaming company spends $1 per disc, so the entire game only cost $1

I was able to see the video in Argentina without any trouble.

By the way, they should add a LED that goes one if something is being recorded, if it doesn't haves one yet