Part of being on the go all the time is learning to deal with delays, and being properly prepared for them. Sometimes you are caught off guard and only have your Android device with you while stuck between locations and at times games just don't cut it. While on the go, TV shows and movies can be far more entertaining then a game, and until just recently there was no way to accomplish watching these on your Android device easily.

Crackle is a great application that allows users to download and watch movies and tv shows right from their device for a small monthly fee. $4.99 will get you one month of unlimited service, $12.99 for three months, and $24.99 for six months of unlimited service. Users can download the free application to browse the selection that is available and then chose to upgrade right from within the application. If you enjoy movies and tv shows, and carry your Android device with you everywhere you go, be sure to check this application out for those times you are stuck with nothing else to do. [Crackle]


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Crackle launches first full movie service application on Android


I love the idea of streaming to a phone, but I don't like paying for mobile services that are free on the desktop. You can view on the phone and watch the video. Charging a monthly fee for what amounts to an app that provides something a bit more convenient is quite annoying.

A number of streaming types of sites seem to do this now and is sad.

Charge for the app if you must, not the service if it's free to all but your phone.

Is it safe now to assume that Netflix dismissed Android as a fad and only now appears to have been blindsided by poor decision-making? After all they've been "hiring" since Summer. It seems as if they are scrambling to recruit programming talent with Android know how and not doing so well at it.

Most people don't realize the costs involved in streaming video over the internet through the phone - its much more expensive, and charging for licensed media isn't out of line - you're paying for the extra costs to transmit the medium and the convenience of not having to lug around a laptop.

Cell phone users have an odd mentality when it comes to paying for anything - but at some point, you have to stretch beyond contextual advertising and make people pay for the time and energy spent for developing, licensing and broadcasting content.

Could you explain the extra cost to the content provider for streaming to a mobile device. The provider doesn't have to do anything different and the internet connection is no different. Now the wireless carrier will have added costst. Buy it's the same bandwidth for the provider be it computer or mobile device.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe there are extra license fees the content provider must pay in order to stream to mobile. I think the entertainment industry considers mobile to be a separate media (market) from desktop. Again, I'm not 100% sure, but I remember reading something like that somewhere as an explanation as to why services like are not allowed to stream beyond desktop at will.

The most notable cost is license fees. Every syndicated or network broadcast has to have the correct license in order for it to be broadcast. Every time you want to rebroadcast, you have to pay for it.

Additionally, bandwidth itself costs money, and often times the carriers charge money for access to their consumers, or a % of the money the broadcaster makes. There will be a time when this is more common than not - especially as carriers have to make additional infrastructure changes to keep up with bandwidth demands on their network.

You're starting to see these constraints now with AT&T's limited bandwidth plans, and you'll see the other carriers follow suit shortly, especially as they introduce 4G networks.

No, it's just that the website works just fine on froyo with flash for free. I wouldn't object to paying for the app, but $50/year is excessive for the small convenience of a native app. Especially considering how infrequently I'm likely to be watching full length movies on my phone.

This app should be called crapple. Made by rookie with lame content. This is not your Netflix.

Or you could pay $30 for Slingplayer Android, $179 for Slingbox Solo (or $299 for Slingbox HD Pro if money is no object) and then never pay another dime in monthly fees (except what you pay your cable TV provider). Stream anything you can pull down from your Cable TV provider to your phone or laptop anywhere in the world. It works great!

No one seems to be asking the obvious question, and I'm not familiar with the service. Do they stream porn or just disney?

Meh. Not available where I live. Piracy is still the only option (AFAIK) for downloading TV shows.

I'd be more worried about my 5GB cap. Steaming's gotta take bandwidth right? Unless I'm under cover of WiFi, I'm pretty sure I'd actually be able to max out my cap.

Didnt work for me on samsung galaxy s I9000T says something about needing a network connection. Though could be because im in guam. Maybe it only works stateside