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6 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for July 8, 2010


With the number of device announcements we have seen recently, it remains quite obvious that Android isn't playing around, and neither are the developers behind the scenes making some of our favorite applications. We continue to see ports to Android of our applications from other platforms, as well as tons of new applications that make life significantly easier. Not everyone has hours to spend sifting through the market, so here we bring to you some of our own personal suggestions. Take a look after the jump for some great new application ideas for your device. 

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6 years ago

AppBrain introduces Fast Web Install -- install Android apps over the web


AppBrain Fast Web install

I admit, I'm an AppBrain fanboy.  Using a phone to dig and search through all the 68,000+ apps things in the Android Market is enough to drive anyone insane, so I don't do it unless I have to.  Today, using AppBrain just got better -- you can now install apps direct to your device, right from the AppBrain website.  Yes, just like the 'coming feature' from Google that Vic Gundutra demoed at Google I/O, without the wait.  And it works on all modern versions of Android (1.5 and higher).  Hit the break for a quick how-to and a video of it in action.

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6 years ago

1Password app now available in Market


You Mac users out there (yes, we know there are a few of you) likely are familiar with 1Password, the uber-password management software. (For the uninitiated, 1Password securely stores your passwords. Learn more here.) Finally (finally!) it's come to Android (Version 2.1 and up). You're going to have to manually copy over your password data from your computer to the phone, but after that, you'll have access to everything. And best of all, it's free. [1Password instructionsMarket LinkApp Brain] Thanks, Rene!

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6 years ago

Pricegraber Android App now available


Android App - Pricegrabber

If you're the wheelin' and dealin' type, know that Pricegrabber [Market linkApp Brain]  now has an official Android application. With it you can:

  • Scan barcodes: Scan any product with a bar code and the PriceGrabber app will search its extensive product catalog for the best price from thousands of retailers.
  • Search, browse and compare products: Search by product name, UPC, manufacturer's part number, most popular items and more.
  • Read product and expert reviews: Read unbiased product reviews from millions of users and experts.
  • Receive the BottomLinePrice®: Calculate a product's BottomLinePrice® that includes shipping and taxes through the GPS in the mobile device or manually entering a postal code.
  • Buy: Click directly on the merchant's Website to make a purchase.
  • Get the best deal: Find the best deal in PriceGrabber's extensive product catalog with prices that update throughout the day.
  • Create a "favorites list": Save products of interest and come back at another time.
  • Access the Gift Shaker: Receive gift suggestions based on category and price.

That about sums that up. So check ye olde credit balance, and get to price grabbin'. [Press release]

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6 years ago

Twidroid is now Twidroyd, purchased by TweetUp Inc.



Henceforth, one of your favorite Android Twitter clients, Twidroid, shall forever be known as Twidroyd. That's part of its purchase by TweetUp Inc., which lays claim to "the world's first bidded marketplace for real time search." TweetUp also picked up popuris, an aggregation service, which will work hand-in-hand with Twidroyd. The company also said Twidroyd "will come standard on millions of upcoming Android phones" from five manufacturers.

Why the name change? To avoid any pesky licensing fees (or lawsuits) with Lucas Films (as in George Lucas -- as in Star Wars -- as in droids -- as in C-3PO and R2-D2). Makes sense. Check out the full presser after the break. [Twidroyd]

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6 years ago

Adobe shows off Flash 10.1 on the Motorola Droid X


Flash 10.1 demo on the Droid X

We're all excited for the release of the Motorola Droid X, and now we have even more reason to drool over it -- Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe Systems Ted Patrick shows off Adobe Flash 10.1 running on the big 4.3 inch screen.  No, there's no word about when to expect Flash on the X, nor when Froyo should be ready, but scenes like this give us hope that it can't be far off. 

That being said, the X looks like it handles Flash just fine and Adobe seems to have Flash 10.1 for mobile devices ready for prime time.  Follow the break to see the video, and let's all count the days until July 15.  [iAndroidblog's Youtube channel via Android Central forums] Thanks Cory!

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6 years ago

Yelp 2.0 brings monocle and checkins to its Android client


yelp 2.0 for Android

Yelp has brought their 2.0 Android client to the Market, and it has some very nice features in tow.  You can now check in to the places Yelp helps you find, and use "monocle" (an augmented virtual reality layer of sorts) to help you find them.  These two features were sorely missed in the previous versions of the Android client.

Check-ins are fairly self explanatory, but let me explain monocle to you a bit.  You activate it from the Yelp main screen (pictured above), and it uses the camera, GPS and compass in your Android phone to overlay locations on the real-world view you see through the lens.  Perfect for day trips spent walking through an unfamiliar town, or for just goofing around.  Check out a screenshot or two after the break, as well as the download links. (Yelp is for all versions of Android -- kudos the the developers for that!) Thanks willxcore!

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6 years ago

Voice Control App Showdown: Vlingo vs. the myTouch 3G Slide Genius button


Vlingo application

Here at Android Central, we love the whole idea of using voice commands to make our phones work for us.  In the smartphone world, Vlingo is pretty well-known, with apps on multiple platforms, and we've been using it a while now.  Now drift back to the spring when we first started hearing about the Genius button on the MyTouch 3G Slide, and how it offers similar functionality, and you just know we had to check it out and see how it compares.

So hit the break, and watch as we pit Vlingo up against the Genius button and see which comes out on top.

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6 years ago

David Pogue not totally sold on Swype, but what about you?


Swype for Android

New York Times columnist extraordinaire David Pogue's given the Droid X for a spin, and in turn he's spun-off a bit about the phone's keyboards. It has a multitouch keyboard by default -- I can take it or leave it. But the X also has Swype. You've seen our interview and demo with the Swype folks back at CTIA, and good many of you got in on the latest beta round (which has since closed).

As for Pogue, he's not completely convinced Swype is the second coming of on-screen keyboards, though he does write that "there's a lot of brilliance in Swype." And his gripes are completely reasonable (lack of open availability, swiping from one end of the keyboard to another for short words). And that's cool. One user's perfect keyboard is another's speed bump. (For what it's worth, I'm on board now, though it took a little while.) Give his column a read and see if you agree. [NYT]

What about you guys? Who all's come over to the Swype way of life?

Are you a Swype convert?survey software

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6 years ago

Google Voice Search adds Korean support


Just a few weeks ago Google’s Voice Search added a handful of languages and now they've added Korean to the mix. Perfect timing since the Nexus One launching on KT in Korea which is shipping with Froyo. Anyone who has access to the Google Mobile app or Voice Search included in the Android OS can now search in Korean. It’s worth mentioning that the Google Mobile application is cross-platform and the addition of Korean is included on all platforms. [via Google Mobile Blog]

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6 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for June 30, 2010


Whether just joining the Android world, or just looking for a new application, the hunt can be tiring. Each day applications are just flooding into the market, and at times it's difficult to know which ones to try out. We aim to please, so we here we bring you some suggestions of what you may want to try out. Check them out after the jump.

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6 years ago

Gaming on the Sprint Epic 4G


Asphalt on the Sprint Epic 4G

The Sprint Epic 4G brings a horizontal keyboard, and it brings some monster gaming power (as do all the other versions of the Galaxy S, of course). After the break, we take a look at the Asphalt racing game on the Epic 4G, which sports a six-axis gyroscope, which you can see in action.

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6 years ago

Verizon offers travel app tips


This week, Verizon Wireless put out an announcement that offered up some timely app tips for the summer travel season.

Apps for helping customers make travel plans include:

  • Kayak Flight and Hotel Search for Android (Market link) devices help customers find great deals on hotels, flights, rental properties and cruises
  • ZAGAT TO GO '10 (Market link) gives customers access to the Web's most trusted guide to restaurant reviews and ratings from over 45 Zagat Guides covering dining, nightlife, hotels, and golf courses. It is available in Android Market for $9.99.
  • Skype mobile gives customers the planet in their pockets, allowing them to make unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls to friends and family around the corner or around the world. Currently available on Verizon phones.

Apps for taking the stress out of travel include:

  • FlightStats for Android (Market link) provides flight statuses, departures, arrivals, airport delays, and other flight and airport information It is available for $4.99 in Android Market.
  • VZ Navigator Global provides maps and turn-by-turn directions for international destinations, ensuring that unfamiliar areas and road signs in different languages don't keep customers from arriving at their destinations (pricing and availability may vary by device).

Apps for enjoying time away include:

  • Urbanspoon (Market link) gives customers a localized community of restaurant reviews and ratings (available for FREE in Android Market). Note: Urbanspoon works on Droid and Nexus One phones. If you have another Android phone, you can always find Urban spoon on the web at
  • Geodelic (Market link) allows customers to effortlessly browse their locations to find java joints, banks, restaurants and other area businesses (available for FREE in Android Market).
  • WeatherBug (Market link) helps keep you up to date on weather conditions wherever you travel and alerts them to severe weather warnings based on their locations (available for FREE in Android Market).

It's nice to see that Verizon is being proactive about promoting apps.

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6 years ago

Amazon Kindle Android app out of beta, now available in the Market


Amazon Kindle Android App

We brought you a preview of the Amazon Kindle app for Android a month ago at Google IO, and now it's available for all in the Android Market. The app is free (you must be running Android 1.6 or higher), and with it you gain access to the hundreds of thousands of titles in Amazon's e-book library.

Purchasing books is fairly easy, though it switches from the Kindle app to the browser, then sends you back again after the transaction is complete. Not a deal-breaker, just inelegant. We can't wait to give this a shot on something like the Dell Streak. In the meantime, we'll make do with something "smaller" like the Droid X and Evo 4G. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. [Market link] [Amazon]

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6 years ago

New BlueAnt apps for Android provide message reading assist


BlueAnt, the maker of innovative Bluetooth peripheral devices, has just announced the availability of new Android apps that work with the S4 True Handsfree Car Speakerphone and the T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset -- enabling users to hear incoming text messages read aloud automatically.

BlueAnt already considers T1 and S4 to be groundbreaking devices. The T1 provides the excellent wind noise reduction, delivering clear audio in wind speeds up to 22 mph, and the S4 is the world’s first true handsfree car speakerphone, allowing drivers to communicate on the road using just their voice AND without needing to touch their phone or car speakerphone at all. 

Key features of both applications:

  • Listen to your text messages – When you receive a text message your BlueAnt device will automatically read out the full message using Text To Speech technology.
  • Help and Support – The BlueAnt Android apps provide a direct connection to BlueAnt’s customer service center to help users with any product need.
  • User Manual – Both apps also feature a user-friendly searchable manual that has been customized and formatted to fit the phone’s screen.

The apps work with any Android handset running Android OS 2.0 or above, and are available as a free download for all S4 and T1 owners.  Users can download them from the Android Market.   For more information about all BlueAnt’s hands-free device, see

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