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6 years ago

Review: The new HTC Sense interface on Android phones


HTC Sense

When HTC used Mobile World Congress to announce a pair of new Android phones, it also took the opportunity to unveil the all-new Sense user interface. The new Sense is rolling out first to the European Legend and Desire, and CEO Peter Chou said the Hero line of devices -- which should include the Sprint Hero and Droid Eris -- will see updates.

A leaked HTC Desire ROM is up and running on the Nexus One, which is a very close cousin. (Check out Redmond Pie's excellent installation instructions here.) Remember that this is an unofficial build, there are bugs, and that what we end up seeing officially in the United States may vary some. (At the very least, the clock wouldn't default to 24-hour time, we'd see temperature listed in Fahrenheit, and the date would be listed as month-day-year.) But we think this ROM gives us a pretty good feel for what's in store. If you haven't already, check out our video hands-on. Then join us after the break as we take a deeper look at the new version of HTC's Sense user interface.

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6 years ago

Gowalla for Android hits beta, test it yourself!


If you're into the latest location-based, social-networking check-in styled type 'game', you're in luck. Gowalla has just finished a beta app for Android and is asking you, our faithful readers, to give it a whirl. Previously, you could use Gowalla through a serviceable mobile app but we all know that native apps are the way to go. Gowalla has delivered a great experience for Android (some would say it even trumps the iPhone) but it currently lacks Gowalla Trips and doesn't do any image caching, so there's still a little bit left to go.

If you want to get the Gowalla Beta App for Android, point your Android browser to this link: Make sure you can install non-Market applications by going through Menu > Settings > Applications and checking off "Unknown Sources".

Thanks Wes!

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6 years ago

Docs to Go for Android to get desktop, Google Docs sync [AC @MWC]


Docs to Go for Android

Had a nice sit-down this morning at Mobile World Congress with Dataviz, maker of Road Sync and Docs to Go. (For the uninitiated, think all the power of Microsoft Office, for a fraction of the price.) The story of the day was document sync, both local and in the cloud.

Version 2.0 for Android currently is free for the trial, and temporarily reduced to $9.99 for the premium version. But we got a sneak peek at the new desktop sync capability, which should be released in the coming months. Basically, you plug in and it syncs files to and from the storage card. (After you manually mount it.) But it was the cloud sync solutions we saw -- over Microsoft Exchange and Google Docs -- that really has us excited. It's also coming for Android but not yet ready for public consumption, but you can check out how it works over at TiPB.

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6 years ago

Best Buy releases official app


This week Best Buy has released its official Android Application.  It's a rather simple design, prefect for those that prefer to shop in their spare time, or really at any time! You can purchase items directly from your phone, read product reviews and search hundreds of products as you would be able to from your computer. There are offers and more offers from this app, though perhaps the best offer is that it's free.

Scan the QR code below, or click it from your Android browser to download. [Best Buy Apps] Thanks, RamboDroid!

Big thanks to RamboDroid.

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6 years ago

Skyfire purchases Steel Android browser from kolbysoft



In a bit of an Android browser shake-up, Skyfire -- best known for its Windows Mobile browser -- has purchased kolbysoft, which produces the popular Webkit-based Steel browser. For the time being, Steel will remain in production until Skyfire tools up its own Android product.

The main difference in the current Skyfire browser is that all of the heavy lifting -- as in the actual rendering of a Web page -- is done on Skyfire's servers and then beamed out to your phone. That results in much quicker load times, means you're able to load just about any content you can think of -- including Flash -- and really just not worry about things. Well, except for you tinfoil hat security types out there. [via MocoNews]

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6 years ago

Quick App: AIM for Android



AOL Mobile has just released their very own AIM instant messaging client into the Android Market. If you been trying other IM clients in the market and have not been satisfied, this may be just the app you've been in search for as it is packed with a ton of great features.

  • Send and receive messages with your buddies instantly
  • Real time updates of your buddies' status and availability
  • Fling support for switching between conversations
  • Update your status, post to your Lifestream and also cross post to any synced Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Facebook chat support so you can chat with your Facebook friends
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • Supports 1.5, 1.6. 2.0, 2.1 Android OS

The app seems pretty well polished and possibly is the best AIM client available in the market. It is free, so you have nothing to lose. Give it a try and let us know how it's working for you! Scan the QR code above, or click on it in your Android browser, to download.

You can also participate in this thread in the Android Central forums dedicated to AOL's AIM app.

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6 years ago

Quick App: Urbanspoon



For Motorola Droid and Nexus One: If you're looking for a quick way to figure out what's for dinner, there's Urbanspoon. Now in Version 1.0 (and free!) for Android, it's a simple dial-a-meal that lets you choose location, ethnicity and price. Or you can choose "shake" for a random selection.

Vote on your favorites, read and write reviews, find addresses and telephone numbers, all in one simple app. It even works with Android 2.0's voice features. It's a must-have for anyone who has to eat.

Scan the QR code here (or click on it in your Android browser) to download Urbanspoon.

More pics after the break.

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6 years ago

Seesmic app sees major update, now handles multiple Twitter accounts


Seesmic for AndroidSeesmic for Android

We love Twitter clients. That's no secret around here. And the free Seesmic Twitter client for Android just got an update. It's a biggie, and likely enough to return it to my regular Twitter rotation.

Seesmic QR codeFirst up (and foremost for me) is the ability to access multiple Twitter accounts. (Note to any developer working on a Twitter app: That really is a necessity. I don't care what normal people tell you.)

You also can send a tweet to one or several accounts at once. Just like with the desktop client. That's another biggie for those of us with personal and work accounts. (One thing that's missing, however: a "Jump to top" option. Oh. Found it.)

Other additions to the latest version of Seesmic include:

  • Adding an Extra Large text size option
  • Your profile information (avatar, number of following and followers,...) will now be updated automatically
  • Changing your Twitter account password will now be handled by the application
  • Composer now auto-corrects and auto-capitalize your words and sentences
  • Notifications are now cleared when the application is accessed from Launcher
  • Easily changing default account from the application's Settings
  • Can remove a Twitter account simply by pressing on it

If you're already using Seemic, you should get an update notification. If you're not using it, scan the QR code above (or click on it from your Android browser) and give it a shot.

And after the break, Seesmic founder and head cheerleader Loic Lemeur shows off the update.

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6 years ago

Dropbox planning Android application



For you Dropbox fans out there who look at your iPhone-wielding friends longingly as they browser through their stuff in the cloud, take heart in the knowledge that an Android application is in the works. (For those of you new to Dropbox, think of it as a way to sync just about anything in the cloud. Easy and seamless.) While reminding us about Dropbox's mobile site, the crew let loose a little hint in an e-mail about its future plans:

Do you own a Blackberry or Android phone? Don't worry! We've got plenty more mobile magic coming soon!

There you go. It's coming.

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6 years ago

WordPress launches Android application


WordPress for Android

For you WordPress blogging hounds out there, an official open-source Android app has just hit the Market. You'll need to be running WordPress 2.7 or higher on the back end. From there, you just download the app, enter your credentials and type away.

Built on top of the popular wpToGo, WordPress Verizon 1.0 supports multiple blogs, comment moderation, post creation and editing, including categories, tags and photos, and you can be notified of new comments through the usual Android notification bar. Video of it in action after the break. [WordPress]

WordPress QR code

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6 years ago

Android Central Giveaway: 10 FREE Copies of Beautiful Widgets!


As a special thanks to all of our readers and forum members, Android Central has teamed up with LevelUpStudio to give away 10 FREE copies of its very Beautiful Widgets.

If you want in on the action all you have to do is go to this thread in our forums and create a single post containing a feature that you would like to see included in a future version of Beautiful Widgets.

The contest starts now and will end at 12 p.m. PST on Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. Winners will then be announced via private message within the forums. You can then claim your prize in one of two ways:

  • Have the widget e-mailed directly to you. Sadly you will not be able to get any future updates to the application.
  • Purchase Beautiful Widgets directly from the Android Market, and we will make sure you get credited back. This will allow you to get all future updates.

Good Luck!

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6 years ago

50 Android games in 10 minutes


Android games

When your iPhone-loving friends question whether there are any decent games on your Android phone, just show them this video. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)

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6 years ago

Handmark's TweetCaster Twitter client now in the Android Market


TweetCaster from Handmark

Handmark's TweetCaster Twitter application is now live in the Android Market. (If you missed it, be sure to check out our review.) TweetCaster features support for multiple Twitter accounts, geolocation, searches and all of your other favorite Twitter features.

A free, advertising-based version is available, and there's a premium (ad-free) version of TweetCaster available for $4.99 in the Android Market. Note: You need to install the free version first, and then the upgrade key, to go ad-free. Download links below.

TweetCaster free
TweetCaster Free

TweetCaster upgrade
TweetCaster upgrade

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6 years ago

Hands-on with SlideScreen: A whole lotta information goin' on



For anyone who chases news for a living, it's important to get information in front of you as quickly as possible. The advent of RSS feeds and homescreen widgets has made that easier than ever with Android, but SlideScreen is just out of control.

We could try to explain what it is you see here, but we go cross-eyed every time we try to do so. After the break, our hands-on video with SlideScreen.

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6 years ago

Review: Handmark TweetCaster beta

TweetCaster from Handmark

Twitter clients seemingly are a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn't mean there's no room for new contenders. Enter Handmark's TweetCaster, which has been in a closed beta for a little while now and isn't yet available to the general public (but it should be soon). We've put it through its paces on the Motorola Droid. Will it be able to stand up to heavyweights like Seesmic and Twidroid Pro? Find out after the break.

Update: Our pal Matt Miller at ZDNet gives TweetCaster the what-for in a video review. Check it out.

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