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6 years ago

Microsoft releases its Tag application for Android, still doesn't do QR codes


Microsoft TagMicrosoft Tag

Yes, yes, Microsoft has released its Microsoft Tag app -- which has been around for a while on Windows Mobile -- for Android. A little background: Microsoft Tag codes are a lot like those black-and-white QR codes you often see on this site. But the MS Tags can hold more information and, let's face it, they just look cooler.

Microsoft TagBut here's the continuing problem we have: It's yet another standard that has to be adopted. And right now, they're not compatible. Microsoft Tag Reader doesn't scan QR codes, and something like Barcode Scanner doesn't scan Microsoft Tags. Hopefully that will change, because it's a huge hurdle in Microsoft's quest to get its standard adopted. (And if there is an app out there that does both, let us know, huh?

Go ahead, download Microsoft Tag (it kept crashing on my Nexus One, by the way), and give it a shot with the code you see here. Now try it with Barcode Scanner.

Now remember that it's been this way for a long, long time, so we'll get a little more enthusiastic when things start playing nicely together. [via MSDN]

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: MLB At Bat 2010


mlb app

With Spring Training having just started, it's time for Major League Baseball fans to gear up and figure out how they will be able to keep up to date with their favorite team while on the go. We've got an answer to that: MLB Advanced Media L.P. has brought At Bat 2010 out of beta, and in the nick of time. Check out more information as well as pictures after the break.

Yes, the application is $14.99. But the features, the look and feel and the ability to pick your favorite team in the application make it well worth every dollar.

When you first open the application, you see the scoreboard, which shows who your team is playing, the score of the game, as well as how far into the game they are. You can use the arrows on this screen to view future games, as well as look at the scores from the previous days. From here you can navigate to standings, audio, videos, news, preferences or more. These options are pretty self-explanatory.

The features I found to be most surprising were the audio and video features. These areas include highlights from throughout the day, so you don't have to fear having missed that walk off home run, or game winning strike out.

If you are an avid MLB fan, and like to keep current on what is happening throughout the day and season, this application is a must-have for you. More screen shots after the break.

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6 years ago

Who says you can't make money on Android development?


As we all watch the Android OS become more and more popular, and the Marketplace continue to grow, it is always nice to hear about success stories from the developers who dedicate their time and efforts towards making a great application for all of us. If you have spent any time cruising through the Marketplace you may or may not have noticed “Car Locator” in there. First thought that came to my mind when I saw it was “who really loses their car?” But when I thought about all the times I’ve been to the city and parked in a parking garage, and forgot which one, I quickly realized this application was brilliant.

This application is available free and paid versions for Android users. While you would think many would go with just the free, over 6,500 people have downloaded and opted to use the paid version of this application, scoring the developer around $13,500. While yes, this won’t happen to every single developer; it is always nice to hear these success stories. We can hope stories like this will draw other developers to port their current applications to Android, as well as continue to create new useful applications for us to use. [Eddie Kim via IntoMobile]

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6 years ago

Android Central Giveaway: 10 copies of Touiteur Premium!


Once again Android Central has teamed up with LevelUp Studio, the developer of the ever popular Beautiful Widgets, for a giveaway of its latest application. We will be giving away 10 FREE copies of Touiteur Premium!

If you want in on the action all you have to do is go to this thread in our forums and create a single post containing a feature that you would like to see included in a future update of Touiteur premium.

The contest starts now and will end at 12 p.m. PST on Thursday, March 4. Winners will then be announced via private message within the forums. You can then claim your prize by replying with an email address that we can use to send you the premium activation key.

Good Luck!

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6 years ago

AndroidCentral asks: What's your favorite Android podcatcher? [Contest]

AndroidCentral Asks

There's somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 applications in the Android Market. And every day we get e-mail after e-mail asking "What's the best app for this?" and "What's the best app for that?" Truth be told, there's nobody better to answer those questions than all you guys and gals out there.

And so this week, we put it to you: What's the best podcatcher application out there? Head on over to our forums and leave your suggestion for the world to see. And for your troubles, we'll pick an entry at random and give away a case of your choice from the AndroidCentral store. Contest ends at 12 a.m. Friday, March 5.

What's your favorite podcatcher?

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6 years ago

Motorola Cliq XT getting updated 'Connected Media Player'


We got a decent look at the upcoming Motorola Cliq XT at Mobile World Congress, but we didn't dive too far into the software on the phone. (Something about thousands of people buzzing around you that makes that awkward.) However, MobileBurn's Michael Oryl has snagged a preview of the new "Connected Media Player" that will be on the upcoming T-Mobile release, and he gives it a spin in the video above on the original Cliq.

It performs much as a media player should, sifting through and playing music. But it's the ability to pull album art and lyrics from an online database -- and sync them in time with the music -- that helps make this a top-shelf app, along with some other cool features. We don't want to steal all of Michael's thunder, so check out the video. [MobileBurn]

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6 years ago

SugarSync for Android updated with e-mail upload, 500GB storage option


SugarSync Android Application

Always on the go? Wishing there was a simple solution that met all your needs to sync files remotely between your Android device and your computer? Odds are you have already stumbled across SugarSync, which allows you to remotely sync your Android phone with computers nearly anywhere. And a recent update is bringing some much-anticipated new features.

//search?q=pname:com.sharpcast.sugarsyncUsers can now upload via e-mail by assigning you a unique address to which you will send the attachments. There's also a new 500GB "Power User Storage Plan," for all of you who are uploading and saving large files regularly. If you need a lot of documents, in several places, this new plan is sure to please you.

If you are a current user, be sure to check out the update, and for those who are not currently using SugarSync check it out in the Android Market.  For more information, and to begin using SugarSync be sure to check out their website.

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6 years ago

Better Keyboard updates to v5.0, brings better voice settings to Android phones


Better KeyboardBetter Keyboard

We had plenty of travel time en route to Mobile World Congress and spent a good chunk of it playing with the various keyboards available for Android phones. Of course, one of the front-runners is Better Keyboard, which just got a major update to Version 5.0. What's new:

  • Redesigned speech input feature. No longer have to long-press the button.
  • Speech input remains on until you hit cancel, which is great for dictating entire paragraphs. This can be toggled in the settings.
  • Speech engine understands punctuation for proper dictation.

Go ahead and update your keyboard if you haven't already, or snag it for $2.99 from the Android Market.

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6 years ago

Slacker Radio gets station caching, and we're giving away 10 subscriptions


Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio today released Version 2.0.40, bringing with it the much-anticipated station caching. In other words, it's all the same Slacker Radio you've always enjoyed for free, no-Internet connectivity needed.

What you will need, however, is a subscription to Slacker Radio Plus, and that's a paid subscription. But we've got you covered. In conjunction with Slacker, we're giving away 10 subscriptions -- seven 3-month deals, and three 1-year deals. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download Slacker Radio on your Android phone, natch.
  2. Make sure you're actually signed up with Slacker.
  3. Head over to Twitter and tweet why you love Slacker and AndroidCentral. Make sure to include @androidcentral and @slackerradio in the tweet, otherwise we won't see it.

That's it. Simple, really. We'll pick 10 winners at random and DM them with the details. Contest ends at midnight Wednesday. Get to it!

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6 years ago

Review: The new HTC Sense interface on Android phones


HTC Sense

When HTC used Mobile World Congress to announce a pair of new Android phones, it also took the opportunity to unveil the all-new Sense user interface. The new Sense is rolling out first to the European Legend and Desire, and CEO Peter Chou said the Hero line of devices -- which should include the Sprint Hero and Droid Eris -- will see updates.

A leaked HTC Desire ROM is up and running on the Nexus One, which is a very close cousin. (Check out Redmond Pie's excellent installation instructions here.) Remember that this is an unofficial build, there are bugs, and that what we end up seeing officially in the United States may vary some. (At the very least, the clock wouldn't default to 24-hour time, we'd see temperature listed in Fahrenheit, and the date would be listed as month-day-year.) But we think this ROM gives us a pretty good feel for what's in store. If you haven't already, check out our video hands-on. Then join us after the break as we take a deeper look at the new version of HTC's Sense user interface.

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6 years ago

Gowalla for Android hits beta, test it yourself!


If you're into the latest location-based, social-networking check-in styled type 'game', you're in luck. Gowalla has just finished a beta app for Android and is asking you, our faithful readers, to give it a whirl. Previously, you could use Gowalla through a serviceable mobile app but we all know that native apps are the way to go. Gowalla has delivered a great experience for Android (some would say it even trumps the iPhone) but it currently lacks Gowalla Trips and doesn't do any image caching, so there's still a little bit left to go.

If you want to get the Gowalla Beta App for Android, point your Android browser to this link: Make sure you can install non-Market applications by going through Menu > Settings > Applications and checking off "Unknown Sources".

Thanks Wes!

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6 years ago

Docs to Go for Android to get desktop, Google Docs sync [AC @MWC]


Docs to Go for Android

Had a nice sit-down this morning at Mobile World Congress with Dataviz, maker of Road Sync and Docs to Go. (For the uninitiated, think all the power of Microsoft Office, for a fraction of the price.) The story of the day was document sync, both local and in the cloud.

Version 2.0 for Android currently is free for the trial, and temporarily reduced to $9.99 for the premium version. But we got a sneak peek at the new desktop sync capability, which should be released in the coming months. Basically, you plug in and it syncs files to and from the storage card. (After you manually mount it.) But it was the cloud sync solutions we saw -- over Microsoft Exchange and Google Docs -- that really has us excited. It's also coming for Android but not yet ready for public consumption, but you can check out how it works over at TiPB.

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6 years ago

Best Buy releases official app


This week Best Buy has released its official Android Application.  It's a rather simple design, prefect for those that prefer to shop in their spare time, or really at any time! You can purchase items directly from your phone, read product reviews and search hundreds of products as you would be able to from your computer. There are offers and more offers from this app, though perhaps the best offer is that it's free.

Scan the QR code below, or click it from your Android browser to download. [Best Buy Apps] Thanks, RamboDroid!

Big thanks to RamboDroid.

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6 years ago

Skyfire purchases Steel Android browser from kolbysoft



In a bit of an Android browser shake-up, Skyfire -- best known for its Windows Mobile browser -- has purchased kolbysoft, which produces the popular Webkit-based Steel browser. For the time being, Steel will remain in production until Skyfire tools up its own Android product.

The main difference in the current Skyfire browser is that all of the heavy lifting -- as in the actual rendering of a Web page -- is done on Skyfire's servers and then beamed out to your phone. That results in much quicker load times, means you're able to load just about any content you can think of -- including Flash -- and really just not worry about things. Well, except for you tinfoil hat security types out there. [via MocoNews]

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6 years ago

Quick App: AIM for Android



AOL Mobile has just released their very own AIM instant messaging client into the Android Market. If you been trying other IM clients in the market and have not been satisfied, this may be just the app you've been in search for as it is packed with a ton of great features.

  • Send and receive messages with your buddies instantly
  • Real time updates of your buddies' status and availability
  • Fling support for switching between conversations
  • Update your status, post to your Lifestream and also cross post to any synced Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Facebook chat support so you can chat with your Facebook friends
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • Supports 1.5, 1.6. 2.0, 2.1 Android OS

The app seems pretty well polished and possibly is the best AIM client available in the market. It is free, so you have nothing to lose. Give it a try and let us know how it's working for you! Scan the QR code above, or click on it in your Android browser, to download.

You can also participate in this thread in the Android Central forums dedicated to AOL's AIM app.

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